Durban Segnini Gallery
cordially invites you to
the opening reception of

Abstraction and Constructivism:
Continuity and Breakdown of Latin American Modernity

Curated by Dennys Matos 

Friday, July 10, 7 – 10 pm


to the Art Talk

of the Curator and Concept Developer Dennys Matos 
with Tobias Ostrander, PAMM’s Chief Curator;
Jorge Brioso, professor at Carleton College; and,
Jorge L. Gutierrez, art critic, curator and cultural promoter.

On Tuesday, July 14, 7 – 9 pm


3072 SW 38th Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33146
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Ramirez Villamizar_B
Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar, Copa, 1953, Oil on canvas, 27.5 x 19.6 in. (70 x 50 cm)


Durban Segnini Gallery Miami inaugurates a spectacular exhibition with 15 of the greatest masters of Latin American geometric abstraction, to celebrate the work it has carried out in the United States for more than two decades.

Very seldom do works and artists whose trajectories define to such an extent the history of contemporary Latin American art coincide in one single exhibition. But this is the case with “Abstraction and Constructivism: Continuity and Breakdown of Latin American Modernity,” curated by the essayist and art critic Dennys Matos. Among the 38 paintings, drawings, sculptures and object will be works never before exhibited obtained especially for this exhibition, together with others that have rarely been seen. A unique opportunity, through a privileged selection of works, to become acquainted and to enjoy Latin American geometric abstraction as the most influential manifestation of 20th century Latin American art.

Gyula Kosice,lowres
Gyula Kosice, Gota de agua, agua móvil y luz, 1960. Wood, acrylic, water and light. 27.5 x 20 x 6.6 in. (70 x 51 x 17 cm)



Durban Segnini Gallery Miami inaugurates this spectacular exhibition with 15 great masters of Latin American geometric abstraction: Carmelo Arden Quin, Carlos Cruz-­‐ Diez, Jesús Soto, Mateo Manaure, Manolo Vellojín, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, César Paternosto, Carlos Rojas, Omar Rayo, Fernando De Szyszlo, Fanny Sanín, Julio Le Parc, Omar Carreño, Raúl Lozza and Gyula Kosice.

In addition to a bilingual English-­‐Spanish catalog there will be a lecture at the gallery on July 14th on the occasion of the exhibition, with the participation of Dennys Matos, the curator of the exhibition; Tobias Ostrander, PAMM’s chief curator; Jorge Brioso, professor at Carleton College Minneapolis; and, Jorge Gutiérrez, art critic, curator and cultural promoter.

6_CRojas copy
Carlos Rojas, Untitled. Serie América Horizontes, 1984-1988, Acrylic on canvas 43 x 43 in. (110 x 110 cm)

About Durban Segnini Gallery

Cesar Segnini, director and owner, founded Durban Segnini Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970 and in Miami in 1992. The gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture with particular emphasis in artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, abstraction, constructivism, geometric and kinetic art. Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced them. Since 1992 exhibitions are open to the public all year round in the gallery in Miami, Florida. Worldwide, Durban Segnini Gallery is known for its expertise in such areas as the integration of artworks to architectural spaces as well as for its customized consultant services to private collections.

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