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Fabulous February – February 2013

Although it’s extra short, the month of February is fabulous for art all across town. See especially art by Arnold Mesches at MDC Museum of Art + Design, Alexandre Arrechea and Francisco Brennand at Coral Gables Museum, Kaylynn Sullivan Two Trees at Lowe Art Museum, Agustín Fernández at Frost Art Museum, Leonid at Wolfsonian Teaching […]

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Made-for-Miami March – March 2013

March beckons with made-for-Miami artcentric bounty:  Don’t miss art by Carlos Cruz-Diez at Miami Biennale; Neil Jenney, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol at Norton Museum of Art; Brandon Opalka at Art & Culture Center of Hollywood; Bhakti Baxter at Miami Art Museum; José Manuel Ballester, Eugene Savage, Javier Velasco, Wangechi Mutu, Glexis Novoa, Maria Martinez-Cañas at […]

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