Bridge Red Studios/Project Space
cordially invites you
to the opening reception of

Helen L. Kohen
A Gracious Life

Forty years of collecting, critiquing,
and supporting South Florida artists

On Sunday, January 24, 4 - 7 pm

12425 NE 13 Ave. Studio 5
North Miami, Fl. 33161
there will be a Closing Brunch Sunday, March 6, Noon-3 pm

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Barbara Neijna, Untitled 8, 1990. Helen L. Kohen Private Collection
January 24 - March 6, 2016

“The extent to which Helen Kohen touched generations of South Florida artists is immeasurable: she was our voice, our champion and our advocate in all ways large and small. At times she guided us with a "nudge " to go a little further-- mostly with a kind of parental pride--taking delight in our individual accomplishments while overseeing Miami's growth into the richly diverse art community of shared accomplishment that it is today.

Helen L. Kohen, 1987. Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Helen L. Kohen, 1987. Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Helen's support included purchasing works by South Florida artists at all stages of their careers. Over four decades she assembled a rich and varied private art collection that practically serves as comprehensive survey of the history of art making in South Florida since the 1970s. We are honored to exhibit some of these works that previously covered the walls of her beautiful home from floor to ceiling as a continuing celebration of this extraordinary life. “

Robert Thiele, Kristen Thiele, and Francesco Casale

Other Voices:

"Helen was the pioneer...she pulled out the rocks and tilled the soil.  She made fertile ground so the art world could plant Miami Art Basel, The Wynwood Walls, and become a legendary destination for the aspiring and the acquisitive."

Michele Oka Doner (artist)

In 2001, Helen Kohen alongside Margarita Cano and Barbara Young created The Vasari Project. "The knowledge she brought putting that collection together is unique.  No one else could have done what she did with this amazing collection of reference material," said Barbara Young.  Vasari "will be useful for generations of archivists, artists, and collectors.  It was an act of love for her, and she brought that to everything she did....passion."

"I think it is safe to say that without Helen's keen eye and consistent vigilant criticism and advocacy, Miami might still be the backwater that is, say Tampa (with a local art scene, but not a national one) and it would not be the stage for Art Basel or for much of what was to follow."

Beth Dunlop (writer and editor)

Bridge Red Studios/Project Space

12425 NE 13 Ave., Studio 5
North Miami, FL 33161
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