A Thought for the Planet
by Annette Turrillo

The Patricia & Phillip
Frost Art Museum and
Ninoska Huerta Gallery
cordially invite you
to the Opening Reception of

A Thought for the Planet
By Annette Turrillo
in the presence of the artist

Wednesday January 25, 6 – 9

Florida International University
10975 SW 17th St.
Miami, Fl 33199

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Annette Turrillo, Instalacion Un Pensamiento por El Planeta: Yin-Yang, 2012, oleo sobre tela, proyecciones mapas continentes, 365 contenedores de plastico, 83 x 110 "
Annette Turrillo, De Blanco y Granate, Triptico, 2011, Oleo sobre tela, 64 x 89 "
Annette Turrillo, Carmesi, 2008, Oleo sobre tela, 64 x 45"

January 25 – April 1
Annette Turrillo. A Thought for the Planet

Carol Damian, Frost Art Museum Director Catalogue Foreword

"Annette Turrillo focuses on themes of reflection and retrospection as she observes the human condition and its place in the universe and, in particular, its responsibilities to maintain beauty and harmony on our planet.

In works that include paintings, installations, and multi-media technology, Turrillo creates an atmosphere of solitude and mystery that she invites the interaction of the visitor, as a participant, not merely an observer.  With interaction, she hopes that the significance of her message that the environment is basic to the existence of all creation will resonate more profoundly.

In images that have become a metaphorical and symbolic language to reveal the profound presence of humanity, she uses the face as an icon to reflect upon our inner world and that of our creative imagination to make things personal and complete. Each face is transformed by the force of spiritual essence and illuminated by the light of inner harmony. These metaphysical qualities are expressed in subtle brushwork, effusive imagery, and delicate details.  Her intense atmospheric luminosity exalts the beauty of humanity as a symbol of life and love and the embodiment of nature at its most reverential. Presented as a reference to the cycles of life and the movement of the planets as sources of meditation, she seeks universal peace and understanding through art.

The works of Annette Turrillo transcend the physical as they reveal the mysterious environment of all earthly existence.  It is a message of value to everyone and suits the gallery at The Frost Art Museum which we dedicate to the healing arts and the environment." Carol Damian

Ninoska Huerta statement

“This exhibition invites visitors to share their thoughts and beliefs about the state of our planet with others. It aims to engender positive attitudes among its viewers to serve as the first step in a chain of actions to benefit the planet. Turillo declares: "what is conceived in a gathering will materialize".

The power of thought allows individuals to shape the world when their thoughts are translated into statements or actions.  Turrillo employs the concept of "thought" as a powerful artistic tool and in turn, translates it into a dynamic installation in which the visitor becomes an active participant. By welcoming the public's participation, she aims to provoke a positive response. "My art project is the visual support for the written word." Through Turrillo’s work, viewers become spectators and actors, able to interpret and add their own written statement as part of the artist's proposal.

As a foundation for the installation, the artist uses the “Yin and Yang” and the Four Seasons as universal concepts encoded within her visual imagery. The Yin Yang, represented by two large canvases, describes how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces interact in the natural world complementarily within a greater whole dynamic system.  The Four Seasons are respectively depicted by four canvases, which, through the use of color, the subtle and elegant transformation of nature is made evident with the human semblance as a metaphorical form.

These canvases together with screens showing statements by visitors from previous shows encircle a central circular space that contains 365 plastic bottles used as containers for the viewers' new messages. Each of these containers represents a day of the year and reminds us that our positive action should not stop at the exhibition but continue all year round.

The balanced surprises of her canvases introduce the spectator beyond the bi-dimensional, establishing a dialogue between the divine and the materialistic.  The meaning is about transformation, time lapses, growth, preservation and changes that men introduce in their habitat. It is about how much could be improved and how much can be saved if we really love our planet.” Ninoska Huerta

About Ninoska Huerta Gallery
Ninoska Huerta, promoter and art publisher, lives and works in Coral Gables, Florida. Ms.Huerta represents at the present time famous contemporary artists, among them Venezuelan Masters as Jesús Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez.  In addition, her support to new generations of artists has not been less important. Artists such as Karim Borjas, Annete Turrillo and Carlos Anzola, who have had one long trajectory of exhibitions and recognitions. www.ninoskahuertagallery.com

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