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the opening reception of

Astrid Fitzgerald

Emerging Symmetries

Catalog Essay by Adriana Herrera, PhD

artist will be present

on Friday February 13, 7 - 10 pm

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“We must trust the perfection of the creation so far as to believe that whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened in our minds, the order of things can satisfy.” Emerson

Construction 352, 2010 28 x 28 x 2 in. (71 x 71 x 5 cm) Oil on Wood
Construction 352, 2010
28 x 28 x 2 in. (71 x 71 x 5 cm)
Oil on Wood

February 13 - April 13

Emergent Symmetries

Astrid Fitzgerald´s art forgoes the paradoxical: Her geometrical abstractions make visible the invisible forces that animated our existence by activating an unusual perceptual process in us. She fuses art movements that we though irreconcilable merging the roots of European geometric abstraction with the material sense of Informalism. Her surfaces hide the sacred proportions that give structure to the universe but are also a place for the sensuality of the tactile.


Construction 124, 1991 32 x 37 x 2 in. (81 X 93 x 5 cm) Oil on Wood
Construction 124, 1991
32 x 37 x 2 in. (81 X 93 x 5 cm)
Oil on Wood

“Among seekers, American-Swiss born artist Astrid Fitzgerald belongs to the clan of those in search of “the nature of reality” with the conviction that there is a perfect order behind the chaos of appearances, and that its human understanding is possible. That´s why her artwork reflects a convergence of notions that, coming from different fields, ultimately leads us towards a perception of the unity in everything that exists. Knowing the principles from which her art departs, we can attest to how close geometry is to philosophy, Physics to the Arts, Math to Spirituality, and the universe to the human mind --and its capacity to create visual abstractions containing its invisible structure. Her approach to the possibilities of art media forgoes the paradoxical: She uses solid matter, for instance wood as a support, to suggest the immateriality of things (there are an infinite emptiness between atoms) and the illusion of our vision. She is also able to fuse art movements that we though irreconcilable.


The title of her exhibition at Art Nouveau Gallery "Emergent Symmetries" echoes a term coined by “scientists involved in trying to merge quantum mechanics, relativity and space-time theories,” she explains. “It turns out that the mathematical number Phi (1.618) relating to the Golden Ratio may well prove to be the way to an integration of the various theories”. The philosopher Ric

hard Geldard —her husband—, complements: "Also, one thinks of the emergence of forms manifesting from mind, the intuitive patterns from minds connected to and emerging from universal forces. In nature, a tree is an emergent symmetry, not just from its seed (in which the DNA already says oak, maple, palm, etc.) but from patterns assembled from particle impulses emergent from the beginning of time”.


 Collage # 486, 2014 Casein on Paper 23 x 30 in. (58 x 76 cm)

Collage # 486, 2014
23 x 30 in. (58 x 76 cm)
Casein on Paper


“Emergent Symmetries” includes one of the most powerful artworks of her entire career, Knossos II, an oil on wood, a labyrinth formed by a set of overlapping squares and painted in oil with gradations from light green to black. A visual journey that challenges the viewer. The masterful use of color creates the illusion of intersections and nonexistent courts and in the center of the building, named for the mythical palace that the architect Daedalus built to imprison the Minotaur, a white cuboid became the magnetic center that connects the piece to infinity contained in a vacuum”. Excerpts from the Catalogue Essay by Dr. Adriana Herrera Tellez, PHD.

About Art Nouveau Gallery

Art Nouveau Galería was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1987 by Elizabeth Hazim de Castillo and in 2010 she opened a space in Wynwood, Miami, known as Art Nouveau Gallery with her daughter in law and partner Georgina Chumaceiro. The gallery features modern and contemporary art focused on the geometric abstraction art, widely explored in Latin America, and ranges from emerging and mid-career artists to major historical art figures such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Rafael Soto, John Henry, Julio Le Parc and Rogelio Polesello, among others. Art Nouveau Gallery Miami, apart from a strong secondary market, represents highly credentialed Latin American Geometric Abstraction artists such as Rafael Barrios, Joao Galvao, Milton Becerra, Paul Amundarain and Abel Ventoso. This is the first show of American-Swiss born Astrid Fitzgerald at Art Nouveau Gallery in Miami.

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