Tony Wynn,
cordially invites you to
to the One Night Show. One Night Reception

Preservation of Hope

in the Design District
Saturday February 11, 4 - 9

1 NE 40th St., Suite 5

The Problem of Innocent Suffering

Patriotica: Preservation of Hope

“…And I thought it was almost like that with me too except I wanted to live to see 2012.
That I wanted my everyday breathing life in my constant cognizance and to keep my living Heaven. Keep my Love American Dream…Which was a mix of fund raising promises and first lady fantasies . That I call my Patriotica....”

Tony Wynn’s latest exhibition features a vision of “first lady fantasies and fundraising promises,” a show that pays homage and support to the “land of millions.” These series identify an “American Heaven”, a promise land that derives from mind of the man, or rather the man of the mind. This is the man of Hope with his Heaven of Red, White, and Blue and his Patriotica.


Patriotica is a controlled intervention of what the citizen ultimately stands for, particularly with the nearing of the 2012 election. It is a prologue to the fate of a country and a verbal and visual representation of the country’s convergence. It is the face of union depicted through iconic subject matter and color themes.

This exhibition is a cultivation and continuation to prior showcases - Citizenship Projects, first launched in an exhibition in Helsinki in 2001 and Ugly Tour, in Berlin 2006. With the upcoming Art Basel and nearing election, Patriotica seeks to synergize the art world and the political realm in order to establish a more active and substantial relationship between art fantasy and political reality.

The themes of American life are expressed through the perspective of a citizen, a man or woman within the system gathering and bestowing his or her intuition and spirit into a series of images that filter concepts of America and its preconceptual notions.

Patriotica, we are mad with our Patriotism

Patriotica ultimately addresses a fostered nature of “American Heaven” all the while withholding an ambiguity, allowing the viewer to formulate his or her own insight on Patriotica’s story. As undecipherable as it is, this collection of images evidently parallels artist Tony Wynn’s narrative poems, framing a system similar to our nation’s own. Each image, filled with its own rendition of American spirit, studies moments of victory, exhaustion, and confusion as well as indiscernible icons whose subject matters breathe allegiance and attachment for its country and it’s Patriotica.” Kimberly Susana Colomer

Tony Wynn
13223 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl.33137.

1 NE 40th Street Suite 5, 4 – 9
Two days “afterglow”:
Sunday 12 & Monday 13, 11 - 5
786 536 9799.


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