Corina Hernandez de Thermiotis presents


at Art Wynwood Booth # P1

from February 16 to 20, 11 am – 7 pm

VIP Reception February 16, 6 – 10 pm

The Art Wynwood Pavilion

3101 NE 1st Ave.

Miami, Fl. 33137



A portion of the proceeds from the art sales will go to the Miami Children’s Health Foundation

The Unity of the Opposites, 57 x 57 in. Diameter, round plexiglass.


Corina Hernández is an experimental photographer and installation artist. The camera is her means of expression. Contrary to what we expect in photography, which freezes a moment, Hernández manages to capture an image and is able to give movement to the photo. The photo movement is seamlessly allotted through the depth, light, color, distortion and shape of the element. With perfect balance and mastery of the circle, the spiral becomes a recurring symbol in all her compositions.

Untittled, 40 in. Diameter, round plexiglass.


Spirals are part of the daily environment. They are symbols that appear in both nature and science and are omnipresent in describing the rotation of the universe. The spiral is a universal code manifested in all human culture. Hernández transcends physical reality, making the spiral the signature of her current body of work.


happy face, 40 in. Diameter, round plexiglass.

About Corina Hernandez de Thermiotis:

Corina’s photography trajectory starts in the mid-eighties with a profound knowledge of analog photography. During this period, Hernandez explores and works primarily in black and white. By the year 2002, the artist finds herself embracing the digital photography but reframing from completely letting go of her analog expertise. At this point of her career, Corina is solely using the digital component as a medium, not as a final product of her work. In 2008, she integrates old facets and transcends into a more collective and mature territory where she introduces digital technology to all her work.

Together we can make a difference in the life of children everywhere.


Artist:              Corina Hernández de Thermiotis

Contact:           Ana Olivares. +1 (954) 536-5613





Booth #:          Art Wynwood No. P1