CCEM y NAEMI welcomes
the first exhibition on
new Cuban Outsider Art

Opening Reception:
Friday March 14, 7 - 10

1490 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL. 33132

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 - 5

More info:
305 448 9677


March 14 – April 30

"New Outsider Art from Cuba" is an exhibition, premiering Outsider Art from Cuba. Featuring work by outsider artists living and working in Cuba, the exhibition will be held at the Centro Cultural Español in Miami.


 Adrian Horta /  Boris Santamaria
Adrian Horta / Boris Santamaria


Cuba is a fertile land for the so-called outsider artists. The creators we have selected for this unprecedented exhibition in the city of Miami have a common denominator: They lack any artistic training and most have some degree of mental impairment. They are totally unknown, they have never been exhibited and for them it is the first opportunity to share their talent. It was a unique experience to participate in this adventure and discover new languages, new artistic proposals, and new hidden worlds.

The exhibition will be featuring 60 works of art from 12 artists from Cuba. Naemi has collaborated with Art Brut Project Cuba and with art expert Daniel Klein from the Gallery Christian Berst in Paris, to curate the selection from over 1,000 artworks reviewed in Cuba. Daniel Klein will also appear as part of the panel discussion event. The Outsider Art of Cuba allows us to discover a new facet of Cuba: unknown, unconscious and magical.


  Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara /  Misleidys Castillo
Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara / Misleidys Castillo


On the opening day, we will have the opportunity to present the bilingual catalog featuring the work of the 12 artists in the exhibition, along with commentaries from art experts, Angel Cagigas, Daniel Klein and Luisa Espino, coordinator of exhibitions and independent curator.

Also a short film where you can discover the world of Gallo, and his fascinating character of this 90 years old retired barber and who, to survive depression, offers us a cheerful way of life full of joy and sensitivity. The goal of the exhibition project, as part of NAEMI’s mission, is to raise public awareness of the existence of art created by outsider artists in Cuba, to show the quality of their artistic production and to show the influence of outsider art on contemporary art.


Founded in 1988, NAEMI emerges while Juan Martin, the Executive Director, worked providing counseling to mentally disabled persons at a community mental health center in Miami. After encouraging a client to paint as a way to escape his intense suffering, Martin remembers how he liked that art work and realized at that moment that there were probably many other talented persons in psychiatric hospitals waiting to be discovered. This first artist that Martin discovered never again picked up a paintbrush, erroneously deciding that he was not an artist. Yet, his extraordinary work remains a testimony of his error. These artists have a great need to express what is going on in their world regardless of the latest fashion trend in the  mesmerizing world of  contemporary art.

In the past 26 years, NAEMI has been a pioneer of this field of outsider art by developing various projects, conferences, workshops and activities with experts in the visual arts, literary and mental health professions. NAEMI exhibitions have been annually shown in Miami and have circulated in various museums and art galleries throughout the United States, from New York to Washington D.C.; in the European Union, in Spain and in Belgium; in Latin America in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay and Guatemala.

Naemi’s passionate commitment to the art of one of the most marginalized group of individuals in the world is evident through these activities and future projects. Naemi has in its permanent collection nearly 1200 works of art.


1490 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132

Contact: Juan Martin
P: 305 972 1069

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