cordially invites you
to the opening reception of

Sense of Place:
Deborah Tarr.
Nancy Cadogan.
Emma Levine.
Jasper Galloway.

Curated by Nico Kos Earle

on Thursday, February 25, 6 – 10:30 pm

Art | Bastion
2085 NW 2nd Ave., #104
Wynwood Arts District

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February 26 – April 16

Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” Camille Pissaro

Bringing an exciting generation of British Artists to a new audience in the United States, this exhibition will showcase the phenomenal array of artistic expression found therein, one that is not only a response to place but creates a sense of it and describes how we occupy it.


Deborah Tarr, Exactly Like You. Collage Wood on Canvas.
Deborah Tarr, Exactly Like You. Collage Wood on Canvas.

Deborah Tarr
Deborah Tarr’s abstract paintings and collages are thoughtful, contemplative and quietly charged. They radiate with energy, and captivate with a visceral and positive stimulation, one that is further enriched for those who look deeply with all of their senses. Their titles act as catalyst, one that enhances tone, in reference to the natural world or a memorable place. Many of Tarr’s paintings reach upwards in a scheme of vertical placement that is suggestive of growth. Her work is also self-referential: the figure of the artist standing tall and reaching up beyond her physical limitations.
“This painting is my 'sense of place.’ It's about rootedness, an anchoring - that landmark from which one’s bearings can be taken, a position of strength that can be returned to."

Nancy Cadogan, Oil on Canvas.
Nancy Cadogan, Oil on Canvas.


Nancy Cadogan
This series of still life’s sequences Cadogan’s private interpretation of place, one that examines and acknowledges the compendium of things therein. The empty space or void enveloping the vase or silver cup glows magnetically, drawing in objects that resonate or compliment in meaning. Equally, the object becomes familiar through repetition and achieves its own and very constant sense of place on the canvas. “The meaning of a place is often defined by the accumulation of things: we keep the things that remind us or seem to reflect how we feel and fill the spaces we inhabit with them.”
“The key to my paintings is to give them time – they reveal themselves slowly.”
Cadogan’s oil paintings demonstrate a skillful and purposeful use of color, balanced with planes and spaces that draw your eye out into large vistas.

Emma Levine, Miami Hawthorn, Somerset Paper, Silk, Etymology Pins.
Emma Levine, Miami Hawthorn, Somerset Paper, Silk, Etymology Pins.


Emma Levine
Emma Levine’s trees touch us so deeply because they remind us of our connection to the elements that sustain us: the air that we breathe and the earth beneath our feet. They are reassuring and take us to a place where we belong. A place you will want to return to over and over again.

“There’s an awareness of my landscape, and me in it, and how I move through it. A language that comes from the trees passes through me to others. The treeness of the paper – the DNA of that paper is tree!”
Levine is working with the essence of things - the naked outline of a tree, its delicate branches of cut out of unbleached paper and raw silk – and constructing something both unique and reassuringly familiar. The delicate silk hues she seeks out for each hand pinned tree - vermillion, ice blue, acid neon green, silver dove grey - are a testament to her penetrating eye honed in Paris as a textile designer.

Jasper Galloway, The Crunch, Acrylic on Canvas.
Jasper Galloway, The Crunch, Acrylic on Canvas.


Jasper Galloway
Each color we see celebrated in these works was imagined and mixed by Jasper Galloway using universal stainers. His first series emerged almost unconsciously, incidental creations that took on a life of their own. Testing the paints in his studio, Jasper began to play with the various hues together. He worked and reworked each piece until there was a moment of resolution – a melody that emerged harmonious with notes of daisy yellow, tweety or pale melon.
“There is something secret in this process, one developed at first as a bi-product of the paint range I made.”
This series ‘Crunch’ was created after Jasper had thrown something away – looking down at the scrunched up bit of paper in the waste bin he perceived the form in geometric grids of color. Bursting vigorously off the canvas these pieces reference the great pop artists of the 60s like Hockney and Lichenstein.

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