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Three From Cuba

The Art of Vicente, Sandro and Florido
From the Fantastic to the Sublime

an exhibition supported by Cernuda Arte
and curated by Ruth Grim


Vicente Hernández, Un Canto a la Vida, (A Song to Life), 2011, mixed media on canvas, 39 1/4 x 51 1/4 in.

February 11 – April 1, 2012

See more than 30 recent works by three important contemporary Cuban artists: Vicente Hernandez, Sandro de la Rosa, and Miguel Florido, working in Cuba today. All works are in oil on canvas, yet each brings a distinctive character to their paintings featuring landscapes, still life and portraits.

“Cuba has a venerable, longstanding tradition in the fine arts and the Appleton Museum of Art is thrilled to be able to present three of the best painters carrying forth that banner on the island today”, said Ruth Grim, Curator of the Exhibition. Director John Z. Lofgren, acknowledged Cernuda family for creating this exhibition and sharing it with the community, allowing the Museum to pursue its mission of bringing the best art available today to Central Florida for the benefit of the College of Central Florida community and its surroundings.

Sandro De La Rosa, El Mundo de Laura, (Laura's World), 2011, oil on canvas, 59 x 59 in.

A Model Kit – Vicente, Sandro and Florido:
Three Painters / One Exhibition

In the exhibition's catalogue Professor Joaquin Badajoz asserts “that a collective exhibition even when it brings together artists who hail from the same country and who even concur within a same chronotopic synchronicity will be tantamount to conciliating three distant galaxies”... but, he adds “ that the selection of works and artists displays some of the visceral obsessions of contemporary Cuban art: recontextualization of still lifes, landscapes and urban details, oneiric neo-expressionism, surrealism, metaphorical hyperrealism, neo-figuration, and an underlying non-conformist message.” For Badajoz, “Vicente Hernandez(1971 - ) creates portentous and allegory-filled aquatic and insular universes, almost always nose-diving, as if seen through the eyes of God... Sandro de La Rosa (1972 - ) fall within the lyrical and metaphorical narrative of contemporary Cuban art. A trend that recovers traditional formats and techniques by breaking with the gesture drawing and “art as idea” concept of the 1980’s....Within the classical still life and baroque obsession, the still life renditions by Miguel Florido (1980 - ) solely retains its impulse. They are remnants of landscapes, architectural details, wrinkle filled textures. .”

Miguel Florido, No Sé Qué Más Darte (I Don't Know What Else to Give You), 2009, oil on canvas, 31 1/2 x 23 1/2 in.

The Appleton Museum History

The Appleton Museum of Art, founded in 1982, was a gift from Arthur I. Appleton to the Ocala community. The City of Ocala donated the 44-acre site for the home of the museum, construction began in 1984 and the museum opened to the public in 1987. Originally built to display and preserve Mr. Appleton’s extensive art collection, the Appleton Museum today is one of the South’s premier art museums and the leading cultural institution in Marion County.
Since opening day, the museum’s mission has been to consistently exhibit works of fine art and artifacts for the public and provide educational programming for visitors. Since 2004, governance of the museum has been through the College of Central Florida and the CF Foundation.

About Cernuda Gallery

Cernuda Arte showcases the works of the Colonial, Early Republic, Vanguardia, and Modern Cuban master painters, as well as the latest production of contemporary artists of unquestionable talent. The complete spectrum of Cuban art has been, for more than twenty-five years, our field of expertise and with pleasure it will continue to be so. We offer you the accumulation of our experience backed by our integrity and honesty. We buy, sell, certify, and appraise Cuban art.


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