Mindy Solomon Gallery
cordially invites you to an
opening reception with the artists for

Jennifer Lefort.

Whenever Forever

Andrew Casto.

Revelatory Dérive

on Saturday, March 11th from 6 - 9 pm

Mindy Solomon Gallery
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“I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.”
-Piet Mondrian

March 11 - April 29

DMindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present the inaugural solo exhibitions of artists Jennifer Lefort and Andrew Casto. Both artists explore the possibilities of abstraction through movement, gesture, surface and palette.

Jennifer Lefort, Without Conformity, 2016, oil and spray paint on canvas, 84 x 60 in.


Whenever Forever invites looking and feeling through space and colour. In both her paintings and sculptural work, Jennifer Lefort uses contrasting colors, textures and spacial illusions throughout. Although decidedly abstract, components of the work are pulled from contemporary life: acidic and plastic colors from a digital and luminous world, isolated gestures that hover like logos or branding in space, organic forms that are neither real or representative but rather a hybrid shape of some sort. Renowned Canadian painter and curator Leopold Plotek writes: "Jennifer Lefort's canvases bring to mind the words of the distinguished poet Def Jef: 'God made 'em funky!' She is an artist whose work nearly grazes the form and spirit of popular media, and her color would be inconceivable prior to the arrival of digital media or at the very least color television."

Andrew Casto, Assemblage 80, 2015, ceramic, luster, 5 x 7 x 11 in. 

The French word dérive means literally “drifting." In Andrew Casto's exhibition, it refers to a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. "My current body of work involves an investigation into dialogues concerning extant negative forces in our lives, and to what degree the phenomenological ramifications of responsibilities and stress shape us physically, mentally, and emotionally. The formal language present in this analysis is based on a material study of erosion and geological processes translated into ceramic and mixed media objects. I seek a purposeful link between macrocosmic environmental change, and interruptions in our otherwise routine existence. Within this inquiry, alternative and diverse construction methods are emphasized as tools of fresh, genuine expression in the creation of dynamic assemblages of great fragility,” Casto explains.

Andrew Casto, Assemblage 81, 2015, ceramic, luster, 18 x 9 x 11 in.



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