Mindy Solomon Gallery Presents

Earth Bound:

Work by Josh DeWeese, David Peters, Marc Lambrechts and invited artists Tara Wilson, Scott Parady, Ted Adler, and Tim Rowan
Co-Curated by Josh DeWeese

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 29th, from 6 - 9 p.m.

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Miami, FL 33127
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Marc Lambrechts, Ocean Blues, 2013, Oil on plaster on wood, 42 x 57 in.
Marc Lambrechts, Ocean Blues, 2013, Oil on plaster on wood, 42 x 57 in.

March 29 - May 3
Mindy Solomon Gallery presents 'Earth Bound' an exhibition celebrating contemporary exploration of wood fired ceramics, and two-dimensional works which speak to materiality and minimalism. The exhibition presents new works by artists Josh DeWeese, David Peters, Marc Lambrechts, and invited artists Tara Wilson, Scott Parady, Ted Adler, and Tim Rowan.

The ceramics in this collection by Josh DeWeese and David Peters are made of the earth, fabricated with material harvested for its inherent quality, for how it forms, and for how it reacts to the fire. Similarly, Marc Lambrechts' s 'paintings' utilize wooden work surfaces and organic materials to create an earthy, abstract experience. Choices are made based upon a careful examination of results, and over time they come to represent the artists' voices, and new dimensions in the fields they represent.


Josh DeWeese, Basket 1, 2014, Wood-fired stoneware, 26 x 9 x 8 in.
Josh DeWeese, Basket 1, 2014,
Wood-fired stoneware, 26 x 9 x 8 in.


The invited ceramic artists, Tara Wilson, Scott Parady, Ted Adler, and Tim Rowan represent a diverse approach to the process, and each has developed a unique expression within the genre. Ted Adler summons the metaphoric capacity of the vessel, creating bulbous, voluptuous forms that suggest the flesh and reflect the flow of the flame through the kiln. Scott Parady experiments with forming techniques and scale, capturing a wide range of responses from the firing and how ash settles on the ware, offering a purity to be discovered through use. David Peters' striking forms present a balance between high design and natural material, made with the authority achieved only through extensive research, careful observation, and a passionate commitment to digging his own clays and firing with wood. Tim Rowan's native clay sculptures are seemingly excavated and hewn, geologic elements from somewhere in time, exposed to the extremities of the fire. Tara Wilson's sensual forms remind us of worn river rocks, seeming to seduce the flame into patterns that enhance the soft curves and contribute to their presence in the home. Guest curator Josh DeWeese interest in wood firing is in how the fire interacts with the glaze and changes the painting as it wraps around the form, looking for that extra kiss from the kiln.

Wood firing is a process that embraces risk. It is labor-intensive, and often results in a high loss rate, raising the question of its practicality as a means of production. Yet, it is these qualities that make sense within the context of a contemporary art practice. As participants, we are searching for the unexpected, the phenomenal qualities that may result from a process not quite in our control. With practice, knowledge accumulates and we develop an intuitive understanding of what may happen in the kiln. The outcome is often a very pleasant surprise.

Artist Marc Lambrechts, originally from Brussels, Belgium, explores wood surfaces while building up material-based grounds, sometimes employing plaster, banana leaves, corn husks, and paint. He also creates a basic linear composition on the surface, alternately working with found objects or etched lines. The effect is organic and minimalist with a sense of material familiarity.

Earth Bound is an exhibition about nature, material acquisition, and artistic connectedness to the familiar. The works are refreshingly unique -imbuing the viewer with a sense of the known and unknown.

Co-Curator Josh DeWeese
In his own words, Josh DeWeese says: "I am inspired and challenged by the art of pottery and strive to make work that is successful on multiple levels. I want my pots to be well-designed and comfortable to use; to be rich with ceramic wonder, and seductive to behold; and to have reference to history and the field of ceramic art to spark the imagination.I'm drawn to the beauty and mystery of high temperature ceramics and the element of chance that occurs in atmospheric firings. Wood firing and salt/soda firing are processes where extreme surfaces can be achieved, in the subtle qualities of raw clays and the vibrant depths of a running glaze."


David Peters , Crucible B, 2013, Wood-fired local stoneware, 10 x 11 x 11 in.
David Peters, Crucible B, 2013, Wood-fired local stoneware, 10 x 11 x 11 in.


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