The Oswaldo Vigas Foundation Reopens
the Search for Works by the Artist




Oswaldo Vigas at his studio of La Parroquia in Mérida, 1966.


In order to create a catalogue raisonné of the work of Venezuelan artist Oswaldo Vigas (1923-2014), the foundation that bears his name has augmented the search for works by Vigas in private collections. The search, which launched two years ago, aims to register as many works as possible by the artist, one of South America’s leading modernists, and presents the opportunity for collectors of Vigas’ artworks to see their pieces represented in this historical publication.



Oswaldo Vigas at his studio of Los Dos Caminos in Caracas, 1977


The catalogue will mark the increasing international esteem for the work and career of Vigas, who as a young artist won Venezuela’s Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas Award (1952); went on to live and work in France during the ‘50s and ‘60s, where his work was exhibited alongside that of artists like Arp, Calder, and Léger; and is now represented in major institutional and private collections throughout the world.



Oswaldo Vigas at his studio of Hotel D'Aubusson in París, 1963


In order to create the most comprehensive catalogue raisonné possible, the Oswaldo Vigas Foundation is now locating and registering those of the artist’s works that have not already been photographed in high resolution and which are currently included in private collections both inside and outside of Venezuela. To ensure their Vigas works are included in the catalog, owners may contact the editors via the information below. The identity of the owners will be kept strictly private.




If you own a work by Oswaldo Vigas, we invite you to contact the Foundation:
PHONE: + 58 212 286 6398