Georgina Chumaceiro and Elizabeth Castillo
Art Nouveau Gallery’s Directors
cordially invite you to the opening reception
in the presence of the artist of

John Henry

Mostly Red

on Thursday April 25, 7 - 10

Join the artist and Carol Damian, Frost Art Museum Director, at 6 pm
in a conversation about his 12 new works in red and the special Florida 500 Years / Ponce de Leon Limited Edition.

Wynwood Arts District
348 NW 29th St.
Museo Vault Building
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4661

Red Cloud II, 2007 Aluminum,
Red Cloud II, 2007
Aluminum, Painted red,
11.5 x 4 x 14.3 in

This is John Henry’s first solo show at Art Nouveau Gallery, the artist was enthusiastic to show his new works in aluminum and bronze created in his studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee specially for this occasion.  The 12 sculptures in the exhibit are originals and unique in large, medium and wall formats, but he also created a small sculpture in bronze named Ponce de Leon to celebrate Florida 500 Years Anniversary. Ponce de Leon is 14” high and it is an edition of 25 pieces, a collectible that will be unveiled the opening night. The show will be on display till June 21st.

Artist John Henry’s words:

“Mostly Red is exactly that, most of the works in the exhibition are red.

Red is a viscerally powerful color that establishes strong contrast in most environments, indoors and out.  As a tool in the creation of my work, I employ certain colors to enable the lines and shapes of the sculpture to be well articulated and distinct. In this instance I am using red to define the exhibition and unify the pieces into a symphony or a collection of passages within a larger composition.”

RiverHigh_ (3)
River High, 2008.
Aluminum, Painted Red, 35.5″ x 8″ x 15.25″

Frost Art Museum Director Carol Damian Catalogue’s Essay:

In the catalogue, Carol Damian points “Henry projects his geometries on a colossal assertive scale, more like engineered structures, bridges or skyscrapers that suggest mathematical concepts toying with an erector set.  His vital forms reconcile issues of architecture with engineering through balance, cantilevered elements, and sheer ingenuity.  He also has a proclivity for working in series, maximizing the effectiveness of his structures with a builder’s cultivated sense of scale and interrelationships, and a fascination with tools, especially giant cranes and other machines necessary to facilitate the manipulation necessary to complete his projects.  Admitting to the influence of his family and their involvement in architecture and land development, both key to his work ethic, Henry was able to figure out how to make things fit and work together, how to design and assemble parts.[1]  It is no surprise that John Henry’s works seem so suited for the outside, as if growing a garden of metal blooms transformed into the simplicity of formally controlled stems and cantilevered spikes."

[1] “John Henry Talks With David Finn,” in John Henry (New York: Ruder Finn Press, 2010), p.33.


Art Historian Amalia Caputo, Website Notes:

“John Henry’s large-scale abstract public sculpture have been shown extensively throughout the United States and worldwide. For more than four decades Henry has worked within the parameters of Constructivism, Minimalism and Geometric Abstractionism. The majority of his pieces deal with the idea of scale, equilibrium and geometric structures that interact with each other, mainly long rectangular shapes that are in tension and hold themselves in space, creating rectilinear elements that are arranged like tri dimensional drawings raising up elegantly in space, as if defying gravity and stopping motion. His sculpture, is characteristically painted with solid monochromatic colors or keep the patina of the original material, and are usually made of welded steel or aluminum.” Amalia Caputo, art historian and artist.

RedSonata_ (3)
Red Sonata, 2010.
Aluminum, Painted red, 8.625′ x 3.5′ x 3′

About Modern American Sculptor John Henry:

John Henry works are in the permanent collections of the British Museum, Dallas Museum, Frost Art Museum, Miami Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) and Sonje Museum Contemporary Art (Korea). Henry is well known for his large scale pieces in art in public spaces at the cities of Chicago, Hanover (Germany), Shenzhen (China), Miami Dade County, Temple Beth Am (Miami), among others.

John Henry resides, with his wife Pamela in Chattanooga, Tennessee. John and Pamela maintain a pied-a-terre in Miami where they often enjoy the weather and friends. He prides himself on his hands-on approach to the fabrication and installation of his work.

About Art Nouveau Gallery

Art Nouveau Galeria was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1987 by Elizabeth Hazim de Castillo and in 2010 she opened a space in Wynwood, Miami, known as Art Nouveau Gallery with her daughter in law and partner Georgina Chumaceiro. The gallery features modern and contemporary art focused on the geometric abstraction art, widely explored in Latin America, and ranges from emerging and mid-career artists to major historical art figures such as Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto.

Art Nouveau Gallery Miami, apart from a strong secondary market of historic Venezuelan works, represents highly credentialed modern American artists as John Henry and Latin American Geometric Abstraction artists such as Rafael Barrios, Alberto Cavalieri, Hector Ramirez, Carlos Medina and Abel Ventoso, among others


348 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127
t: 305 573 4661
f: 305 573 4662
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Sat: 11:00 - 3:00


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