Elizabeth Castillo and Georgina Chumaceiro
Art Nouveau Gallery Directors
cordially invite you
the opening reception of

Héctor Ramírez
Dynamic Sphere

Catalog Essay by art historian Amalia Caputo

on Saturday April 18, 6 - 10 pm

at Art Nouveau Gallery
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“I do not work in black and white; I work with light – which gathers together all the colors of the prism – or with its absence.”
Héctor Ramírez.

3 Esfereas en transicion, Negro, 2015. Acrylic Chromatography 71 3/10 × 24 in 181 × 61 cm
3 Esfereas en transicion, Negro, 2015. Cromografía sobre acrílico, Pieza única,  71 3/10 × 24 in., 181 × 61 cm

April 18 - July 13

“For Dynamic Sphere, Ramírez continues with his process of investigating the sphere, the behavior of light, the line, the reticle, and the phenomenon of optical perception in the viewer. From a young age, his formal concern has been the division of the plane into parallel lines as well as diagonals, in an attempt to create new spaces of perception in the spectator’s gaze. For this exhibition – his second solo show in the United States – he gathers eighteen pieces, each one composed of two Plexiglas planes facing one another and separated by a small distance, which constitutes the same structure on which he bases the bulk of his work. This way, he experiments with the apparent movement produced by the effect of the superimposed lines, offering viewer a large number of possibilities, drawing thin lines that create a virtual illusion of volume, continually changing the perception of the work through the viewer’s motion in front of it.(…)” Amalia Caputo, catalog essay.


 Left:4 Esferas Estelares (Negro), 2015, Acrylic Chromatography 24 × 24 in, 61 × 61 cm. RIght: 4 Esferas Estelares (Blanco), 2015, Acrylic Chromatography 24 × 24 in, 61 × 61 cm
Left: 4 Esferas Estelares (Negro), 2015, Cromografía sobre acrílico, ed. 2/3, 24 × 24 in., 61 × 61 cm
Right: 4 Esferas Estelares (Blanco), 2015, Cromografía sobre acrílico, ed. 2/3, 24 × 24 in., 61 × 61 cm


About the Artist

Ramirez comes from a strong tradition of abstract geometry and optical art. He believes that Kinetic art in Venezuela has left an important trace in our collective memories, and has devoted his career as an artist to the study of the line as the leading element of his work. He is interested in the phenomenon of optical vibration. By working with the line as the base of his work and the shape of the sphere, he creates unique dimensions through the superimposition of layers of transparent acetates. Ramírez creates dynamic moving impressions depending on the viewpoint and the active gaze of the spectator, leaving a sense of movement with the viewer, much like a moiré effect.

Ramírez began working as a young apprentice in the studios of artists Secundino Rivera, Biaggio Campanella and Cornelius Zitman, in Venezuela. He then studied drawing, painting and design at the Instituto de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón, at the “Federico Brandt” Fine Art School, the Rómulo Gallegos Fine Art School and further silkscreen and photo silkscreen seminars at the Carlos Cruz-Diez Musem all in Caracas. Currently he works at the Atelier of Carlos Cruz-Diez. He has held two solo exhibitions at Art Nouveau Gallery, in Maracaibo and in Miami and several group exhibitions since 2003. Lives and works in Caracas.

 Left:4 Esferas Estelares (Negro), 2015, Acrylic Chromatography 24 × 24 in, 61 × 61 cm. RIght: 4 Esferas Estelares (Blanco), 2015, Acrylic Chromatography 24 × 24 in, 61 × 61 cm
Left:Esfera Dinamica (Blanca), 2015, Cromografía sobre acrílico, Pieza única, 47 3/5 × 47 3/5 in., 121 × 121 cm
RIght:Esfera Dinamicas (Negro), 2015, Cromografía sobre acrílico, Pieza única47 3/5 × 47 3/5 in., 121 × 121 cm

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