Mindy Solomon Gallery
cordially invites you
to two simultaneous solo exhibitions:

Intermission by Linda Lopez,


February, February by Mathew McConnell.

on Saturday, June 2, 6 – 9 pm



Linda Lopez, Jade Furry with Gold Rocks, 2018, Ceramic, 21 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 6 1/4 in.


The nature of good fiction is that it dwells in ambiguity.
E. L. Doctorow






(June 2 – July 21) 




Linda Lopez and Mathew McConnell play with form. Each create shapes that imply a story without giving away the punch line.
“What is real is not the external form but the essence of things. Starting from this truth it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface.” Constantin Brancusi.Linda Lopez creates works that imply familiarity without being specific. Linda Lopez creates spaces. Her works are sculptural vignettes. Each piece corresponds to the other in a kind of object dialog that feels vaguely familiar but at the same time is refreshingly unique. Her works invite touch and exploration that engages the viewer to consider further. In her second solo exhibition at the gallery, Intermission, Linda Lopez explores time and space with her assemblages of dust furries, textiles, and phantom mounds. These objects capture time in an abstracted world, where moments of pause and frenzy coexist in a delicate balance of past, present, and future.



Linda Lopez, Pink Furry, 2018, Ceramic, 18 1/4 x 10 3/4 x 5 1/2 in.


Mathew McConnell creates replications that ultimately follow their own unique visual path. McConnell writes of his process:

“My investigations begin with the works of other visual artists. Often using a form or image of another artist’s as a starting point, I recreate the work with alterations to suit my own compositional and conceptual preferences. The resulting forms vary between what could be mistaken as a facsimile of another artist’s work and an artwork with a source seemingly outside any individual reference.

Choosing works to remake and alter is as intuitive as it is arbitrary. I find myself primarily drawn to the objects I am most skeptical of. Often these are objects that raise questions about their potential role in the world if they were not to be viewed under the presumptions of an artistic practice. Many of the objects and images I choose also have a direct lineage to the works of a previous generation of artists. They too are re-worked responses to their predecessors and contemporaries.



Mathew McConnell, Untitled, 2018, Ceramic, 8 x 8 in.


In the construction of these replicant objects and assemblages, I sometimes find myself trying to pinpoint the exact moment at which the work becomes more mine than theirs. Sometimes this moment occurs in the mere selection of a form, and at other times it does not occur at all. By careful construction of these simulated, manipulated, exalted, and subverted forms, I find, at the best of times, a means of reconciling the difference between what is the art of someone else’s creation and what is an art of my own.”








About Mindy Solomon Gallery
Mindy Solomon Gallery specializes in contemporary emerging and mid-career artists and art advisory services. The gallery represents artists working in painting, sculpture, photography, and video in both narrative and non-objective styles. The gallery program explores the intersection of art and design through an ongoing dialog between two and three-dimensional objects. Utilizing the gallery space as a platform for inventive exhibitions, museum visitations, and public lectures, Solomon invites a sense of community and aesthetic enrichment.
Solomon founded the gallery in 2009 in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she established her reputation as a contemporary art dealer. She is a Board member of the Miami Art Dealers Association and is currently located in the Little River Arts District of Miami.






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