Ninoska Huerta
requests the pleasure of your presence
to a private homage to honor

Venezuelan Grande Dame Sofia Imber

in celebration of her prolific and creative life
supporting and promoting the arts.

On Tuesday, May 24, 5:30 pm

At our new Pop Up Wynwood Space
2700 N Miami Ave.
Cynergi Building P.B.
Wynwood Arts District
As a tribute, artist Roberto Catasús will present her a commemorative collage with historical images of stellar moments of her extensive career. Colleagues, collectors and friends are invited to a reception in the framework of the current exhibition of contemporary artists at our new pop up space in Wynwood Arts District.

Roberto Catasus, Collage, 2016, print on paper, 19 x 13 in.
Roberto Catasus, Collage, 2016, print on paper, 19 x 13 in.


Current Exhibition:
Paul Amundarain. Darío Pérez-Flores. Israel Guevara. Recent Works, and Italian Master Gino Donvito. Tropical Ladies, a Journey. This show marks her first presentation of Italian master Gino Donvito’s Tropical Ladies, realized last winter in Miami.

Dario Perez Flores, Prochromatic B-1020, 2005, Wood, acrylic/canvas,metal, 75 x 76 x 10 cm.

Darío Pérez-Flores, (Valera, 1936) is considered amongst the most important Latin American Constructivist artists, whose main interest is the study of color and its capacity for stimulating perception, creativity and illusion. Despite his beginnings as a sculptor working with metal, light and Plexiglas, he now mainly produces paintings and assemblages, named Prochromatiques, in which vertical lines and elements predominate, alongside color degradés and contrasts. His whole body of work encompasses a lifetime of studies about optical and kinetic reverberance, a visual effect that happens when the viewer moves past the work. In other pieces, he uses motors that turn shapes in different speeds, creating a visual vibration by the movement generated. Pérez Flores has devoted his artistic career to developing through his rigorous and strict compositions, the relationship between the act of creating and the behavior of form and color along with movement and perception, much like his peers Soto and Cruz-Diez.

Israel Guevara, New York, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 36 in.
Israel Guevara, New York, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 36 in.

Israel Guevara (Mariara, 1961) is recognized for his works and studies in geometry and color. His colorful paintings of lines displayed in different overlapping “hard edge” grids and rhythms become a graceful display and a profound study of color and its behavior.

The works on view will provide the spectator with a unique opportunity to become acquainted to the most recent production of these well-recognized Venezuelan contemporary artists.

Paul Amundaraín (Caracas, 1980), the youngest of the group, is currently working intervened photographs and collages with scattered mirrors, paintings that deal with the notion of modernity in Venezuela.


ITALIAN, 4/25/16, 12:42 PM, 16C, 6000x6488 (0+859), 100%, Default Settin, 1/8 s, R83.4, G59.2, B78.5
Gino Donvito, Donna di Casa, 2015, Mixed media on wood, 19.75 x 19.75 in.

Gino Donvito, (Gioia del Colle, Bari, Italy, 1954) lives and works in Gioia del Colle, town located in the Bari district, immersed in the native spirituality of Apulia, in the South of Italy. After a self-taught training development that took place between Florence and Paris, the artist decided to withdraw to his native land, Apulia, which he has always regarded as one of his dearest muses and a driving force behind his creativity. Recovering techniques of old times, Donvito works exclusively with birch wood, cured in advance with emery papers and processed with mordants and colored aniline. Every oeuvre of Gino Donvito summarizes a fine, knowledgeable and accomplished research, led in rigorous solitude, sustained by a precise spiritual preparation that pays respect to the incubation of the work in hand.

About Ninoska Huerta 
Connoisseur, collector, advisor, and private art dealer Ninoska Huerta, formerly the director of the Exhibition Hall of Petróleos de Venezuela in Caracas, is specialized in Kinetic, Constructive and Optical Art, acting as a private art dealer, providing also advisory and collections management services. Ms. Huerta is a leading expert on the work of such kinetic artists as Jesus R. Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez with whom she worked directly in Paris and Caracas since the 90s. Ms. Huerta also focuses upon private sales in the secondary market placing historical works by selected artists.
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