Pan American Art Projects
invites you to the opening reception of


Collective Exhibition of Prints & Multiples 

On Saturday, June 30, Brunch 11 – 3 pm

274 NE 67th St. 
Miami, Fl. 33138
P: +1 305 751 2550

(June 20 - August 17, 2108)
Everything in life is relative. Everything has its opposite, this is why humanity tends to think in binaries - we see things in white or black, good or bad, etc. For this reason, we are easily manipulated to think that whatever is for the elite is thus not for the masses, which is not important anyway as nothing belongs to the masses, they have no power to lay claim to anything. With this exhibition, we propose to open a debate on the significance, and transcendence of the concept of multiples or editions and on their place within private and public collecting.

Luis Cruz Azaceta, Urban Jungle, 2011
Serigraph, Ed of 90, 35 x 40.50 inches

Many questions immediately surface surrounding this theme. Indisputably, the term "multiple edition" relates to the intention to make art more accessible to the masses, creating a tension between something that is one of a kind, exclusive, and something that is mass produced, which inevitably leads to the bigger tension between the elite and the masses. Is this too a mechanism established by the market, really more a play on words than in actual application?

Alfredo Jaar, A Hundred Times Nguyen, 1996
Iris print, Ed 7/25, 18 x 48 inches

What is indisputable is that a work produced in multiples, or in limited edition, provides an accessible option in the market as a valid investment because it is validated by the creative process of an artist, which is the true test of value in aesthetics, concept, placement in the market, etc. Ultimately this places the ability to build the value of the work in the hands of the collector, an ability which still remains in the hands of relatively few, which may be lamentable or not depending upon which side of the fence you stand.

Carolina Sardi Constellation #4, Necklace,
Sterling Silver, Ed of 25, 20 inches

About the Gallery:

Pan American Art Projects was established in 2001 with the mission to exhibit and promote established artists from North and South America concurrently, providing a context for dialogue between the various regions. We represent a strong roster of contemporary artists of the Americas and hold a collection of works by masters from Cuba, Argentina, the U.S. and the Caribbean.  Our programming reflects these complementary arenas providing a comprehensive historical context to contemporary tendencies in the visual arts from these regions.


274 NE 67th St. 
Miami, Fl. 33138
P: +1 305 751 2550


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