Ninoska Huerta
private art dealer,

Between Lights and Shadows

Sculptures by Lynn Kislak

Ad Quadratum

Photographs by Oriol Tarridas

The works will be on view by appointment only

Ninoska Huerta
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Ninoska Huerta is proud to present Between Lights and Shadows, a selection of sculptures by Lynn Kislak and Ad Quadratum, a recent series of photographs by Oriol Tarridas, for her end-of-season exhibition. Their works are here united by their common interest in studying the plane, from bi-dimensional to tri-dimensional and vice versa.

Lynn Kislak, Still, 2017

Lynn Kislak is a Miami-based artist who explores the transformation and interactions of industrial material remains molded into abstract tri-dimensional sculptures. After two decades of consistently dominating and intersecting industrial egg aluminum diffuser ceiling sheets, Kislak’s works imply the transformation of a two-dimensional shape into a tri-dimensional form. Fascinated with the intricacies of three-dimensional chiaroscuro, her hollow sculptures, mathematical yet organic, raise questions about contemporary art-making, tackling head on the problem of re-purposing, coupled with concerns about volume and hollowness, luminosity and movement. Her sculptures translate into organic volumes that speak of movement, transparency, balance and asymmetry, while at the same time exploring the dynamic game of perception and gesture.

Aliante #3a, 2017.
Archival Pigment Print,
15 x 22 inches (37.5 x 55 cm)

Oriol Tarridas is a Miami-based photographer who presents a recent series of works related to the city of Miami, inspired by DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man and its concepts of proportion between the human body and architecture. In this tribute to his adoptive city, Tarridas’ recent body of work creates a visual “agreement” between the experience of the city’s growth and our perception of planes and volumes as the pedestrians who occupy it. His black and white and color images reflect upon how we internalize the symmetrical relationships with the geometry of the city. By producing images composed of serial layers created from new high-rise buildings in Miami and the structures that preceded them, Tarridas delves into his growing fascination with geometry and superimpositions while intending to explore the patterns and shapes that are interwoven into our experience.

Continuum #4b, 2017.
Archival Pigment Print,
12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm)

Ninoska Huerta is a private art dealer based in Miami, specialized in emerging, mid-career, and well-established artists with a strong emphasis on geometry, kinetic and optical art.

Ninoska Huerta
Private Art Dealer
by appointment only
305 588 1231