Georgina Chumaceiro and Elizabeth Castillo
Art Nouveau Gallery Directors
cordially invite you
the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the gallery
with the art talk and opening reception of

Lía Bermúdez

Recent Works

Curator, Text and Museology by Bélgica Rodríguez

on Thursday September 11, 2014

Art Talk with Curator Belgica Rodriguez at 6 p.m. 
Followed by opening reception at 7 p.m.


348 NW 29th St.
Museo Vault Building
Wynwood Arts District

305 573 4661

September 11 – November 15

“To think about Lía Bermúdez is to think about art. Her secret branches draw a life completely dedicated to two passions: her work and her family. Each thread in her sensitive spirit weaves fabrics of hidden mysteries that decode abstract languages in the sculpture that has kept her busy for various decades. The beloved Lake of Maracaibo and the paths signaled by teachers and friends, among them Jesús Soto, opened the floodgates of arts balancing poles that she embraced in order to give structure to a body of work that has made her a leading character in the history of Venezuelan art and, specially, in the field of contemporary sculpture. Everything has been calculated on the basis of emotion without giving any way to chance but to feeling. The artist has been plotting the subject of works linked to abstract notions in geometry and constructivism. Non-representational images that are nevertheless evocative of the reality of a nature sustained by the splendor of radiant suns, plenitude of energy, nights lightened by full moons, gallant dews, and fireflies that remind us of creative fires.

Lía Bermúdez, Y Ole, 1989, Hierro, 82 x 82 x 43 cm
Lía Bermúdez, Y Ole, 1989, Hierro, 82 x 82 x 43 cm

The three-dimensional work of Lía Bermúdez neither corresponds to conventional volumes nor to cinetic transparencies, even though in some cases they are drawings in space as in Juyá Azul (1990), Achuwala (2012), or Isabella virtual (2013). In general, her work is an aerial sculpture, that even if attached to a wall, hung or suspended in air or emerging from a base or from the soil itself, will always be guided by rhythms in different directions: ascending, diagonals, descending, lineal. Life is there. Be it in the spatial verticality of an elegantly black structure, like Akuaippa (2013), or in the poetic horizontality of a winged form bursting with energy and beauty as in Isabela (1989) and Ayaa relámpago (2013). Or also as in the totemic abstraction of the sculptures Y olé (1989) and Achijiráa (2013).

Lía Bermúdez, Tajatí, 1989, Hierro, 178 x 211 x 68 cm

As we can see in the works exposed, the subjects and forms that Lía Bermudez has developed in her long journey, reshape themselves in new forms according to the materials used by the artist. A permanent reflection on the interior and the exterior of three-dimensionality and on its own proper and intimate relation to this aspect pertaining to sculpture, has taken her to inedited conclusions at the heart of the same proposal: once you arrive at the essence of geometry subject ceases to exist, and all that remains is the artwork in its completeness and plenitude of spirituality and beauty. “ Belgica Rodriguez


About Art Nouveau Gallery

Art Nouveau Galeria was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1987 by Elizabeth Hazim de Castillo and in 2010 she opened a space in Wynwood, Miami, known as Art Nouveau Gallery with her daughter in law and partner Georgina Chumaceiro. The gallery features modern and contemporary art focused on the geometric abstraction art, widely explored in Latin America, and ranges from emerging and mid-career artists to major historical art figures such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Rafael Soto, John Henry, Julio Le Parc and Rogelio Polesello, among others.

Art Nouveau Gallery Miami, apart from a strong secondary market, represents highly credentialed Latin American Geometric Abstraction artists such as Rafael Barrios, Joao Galvao, Arturo Quintero, Paul Amundarain and Abel Ventoso.

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