Mindy Solomon Gallery
cordially invites you to an
opening reception with the artists for

Olive Ayhens. Slightly Askew

(Center Gallery)


Glenn Barkley. iknowitsjustnouse

(Front Gallery)

on Saturday, January 20, 6 – 9 pm

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"One has not only an ability to perceive the world but an ability to alter one's perception of it; more simply, one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them." Tom Robbins

Olive Ayhens, Sinking into Geysers, 2002. Oil on linen, 66 x 58 in.

January  20 - March 18

For her first solo exhibition at the Mindy Solomon Gallery, Ayhens will feature a cross-section of works done over a period of 10 years. Olive Ayhens paints and Olive Ayhens draws. She draws with paint and with pen and ink and watercolor. She creates an ongoing narrative about the world in which with live with a kind of never-ending line that moves through space and defines the shifting environment. Olive is a city painter and an environmental painter. She cares deeply about how we impact our landscape and invites all living beings to be a part of the story. 
Ayhens states about her work:
“Color is my first Language. My painting frequently evolves from a special sense of place and transformation of environments in my own quirky ways. Sometimes there is a political/ecological subtext but always the love of the paint itself—with layering it, with exploring color relationships, building textures, thin and think paint etc. I have fun with personification as well ass improbabilities of scale. “

Olive Ayhens, Parelle Strata, 2009. Oil on linen, 45 x 57 in.

Glenn Barkley makes art about the things he sees and the things he hears. His work is hand-built and composed of fragments from art history, popular culture and botanical forms. He has a fear of empty space and tries to keep all the surfaces of his works alive as it helps him to believe that he is not lazy.
In his studio, he listens to a lot of pop music. He’s amazed that lyrically and emotionally pop music often deals with very difficult subject matter like loss and heartbreak packaged in a tightly crafted package that finds you humming a tune about sadness and sorrow.
Pop music acts now in a way that poetry used to. He reads a lot of poetry for the same reason he listens to pop, the ability to strip down emotions and sensation to a line or even a word. It’s for those reasons that pop and poetry tend to be the major text references in his work.
His works are about function rather than being functional but he has such joy in making it that he hopes that comes across and that the people who see them feel that joy.

Glenn Barkley, nevereinthefieldofhumankindness large vessel for BC, detail
Earthenware. 20 x 20 x 9.5 in.


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