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The Way We See It: The Photography of Scot Sothern & Muir Vidler

Project Space-Juana Valdes: An Inherent View of the World 

On Friday, October 23rd, from 6 – 9 pm

And to a Reading and Talk with Scot Sothern

On Saturday, October 24th, from 1 – 2 pm

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"I remember the first time I had sex—I kept the receipt." 

Groucho Marx

Scot Sothern, Baby Boomer, 2011, pigment print, 11 x 17 in.
Scot Sothern, Baby Boomer, 2011, pigment print, 11 x 17 in.

October 23 - December 11

In ‘The Way We See It,’ a new exhibition of photography by Scot Sothern and Muir Vidler, both artists exemplify the photographer as observer and reporter by choosing subjects that are unique and fully authentic, living lives that exist in some instances outside of the cultural mainstream, finding comfort in neighborhoods and communities where individuality can be embraced.

In the gallery’s Project Space, Juana Valdes explores the notion of culture, place, and chronology in her installation entitled ‘An Inherent View of the World.’


Muir Vidler, Debbie Dogbite, London, 2014 // c-type print, 20 x 24 in. Edition of 6 
Muir Vidler, Debbie Dogbite, London, 2014 // c-type print, 20 x 24 in. Edition of 6 


Scot Sothern is inextricably bound to the street. He follows the comings and goings of the unnoticed with his eyes and his heart. We learn through his photographic narrative to understand and empathize with the struggles of a community of people often harshly judged and overlooked.  His newest body of work, 'Sad City' focuses on not just the women and she-males of the night, but the discarded and disenfranchised that dwell in plain sight. “After years of dark one-on-one impromptu portraits it was time for a change: technologically, by spurning film for digital—and physically, by moving to the periphery of the action. My task now is to find from a distance what I previously found in eye contact and my own interference with my models. I’m looking for single-frame noir movies in Technicolor with bittersweet endings...Sad City is a place where no one wants to live and the population never stops growing.”


Juana Valdes, An Inherent View of the World, 2015 - ongoing, Collected decorative objects documented a still life settings
Juana Valdes, An Inherent View of the World, 2015 - ongoing, Collected decorative objects documented a still life settings


Muir Vidler loves humor and irony. A photojournalist by profession, he observes locals while on assignment—searching for the real rather than the staged. He likes to contradict preconceived notions about what we (the outsiders) view a culture to be. One example: while traveling in Thailand, he visits Pooky’s Salon on Soi 6 in Pattaya. This is a place where transexual prostitutes go to have their hair and make-up done. They pay a set fee for the initial work in the morning and a couple of touch-ups during the evening. Vidler embraces the vibrancy and beauty of his subjects. He highlights their efforts to embrace hyper-feminine sexuality, allowing them to be provocative and demure simultaneously.

In the gallery’s Project Space, Juana Valdes exhibits her work ‘An Inherent View of the World.’ She creates a lavish, almost baroque accumulation of items which often get relegated to the discard pile when people are in the process of de-accessioning the so-called "dust collectors" of their past, decorative and sometimes utilitarian objects that might have been purchased on a family vacation or inherited from a relative and simply don’t belong in the next phase of life.



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