is pleased to present
Venezuelan artist and architect

Bernadette Despujols.
Guilt, Pleasures, and Other Uncomfortable Matters

Curated by Amalia Caputo

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 14th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
at Platabanda Miami
773 NW 28th,
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl. 33127
Bernadette Despujols, Inflatable Doll #7, 2016, concrete, plastic, 17 x 12 x 17 in.

(October 14 – 23, 2016)

“The recent works of Venezuelan artist and architect Bernadette Despujols examine from a variety of perspectives many, deeply ingrained cultural practices associated with attempts to define contemporary womanhood. In this vein, the quest to find the answer to the question of how a woman, by virtue of being a woman, makes others uncomfortable seems to be one of the central tenets explored by her body of work. By drifting from guilt to shame, sex to loneliness, innocence to complicity, Despujols exposes femininity and the concept of the feminine as something to be understood by not just women themselves but by other genders as well.

Bernardette Despujols, Quiereme Duro, 2015. Reflective Plexiglas, led lighting, 96 x 31 in.
Bernadette Despujols, Quiereme Duro, 2015. Reflective Plexiglas, led lighting, 96 x 31 in.


The whole of Bernadette Despujols’ work references the body and its place in social and cultural constructs specific to women, and speaks to the opinion of women of themselves, by themselves, in conjunction with that of men’s and the view of society at large. Through her artwork, she suggests mental associations that move from intimate thoughts about sexuality and personal stories poking fun at dominant social conventions, all geared at questioning how we, women, are perceived by others and how we identify ourselves.


Bernadette Despujols, Another Guilty Women 7, 2016. Oil on industrial panel, 14 x 12 in.

For Guilt, pleasures and other uncomfortable matters, Despujols engages a broad range of formal strategies, including an ensemble of small format paintings, several concrete sculptures, a photograph and two installations that, together, reflect upon how our world revolves openly, yet at the same time secretively, around sex. Her work encompasses nuances and subtleties that revolve around the cultural perception of women about themselves: guilt trips, social expectations, sexual desire as well as intimate bodily connections and thoughts. It also explores the perception that womanhood is somehow always connected with some kind of guilt and draws a fine line between sardonic humor and sheer abjection.” Amalia Caputo, curator.


The main trigger for such experience is the lack of an alternative space that works as an experimental ideas laboratory with the finality of creating a cultural encounter and as neuralgic knot for artistic exchange.

Platabanda Miami is located in Paul Amundarain’s studio as an alternative space. Being the direct link between the artistic production experience and the natural development of the dynamic ideas exchange between artists and the expositive need of the works.

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