MAXOLY / Latin Art Core Gallery
cordially invite you to
the opening reception

in presence of the artist of

Pedro Pablo Oliva

Recent Works

on Friday October 25, 7 – 10 pm

1600 SW 8th St.
Miami, Fl. 33135
Little Havana
305 631 0025


October 25, 2013 - January 7, 2014

"Pedro Pablo Oliva (Pinar del Rio, Cuba, 1949) is among the most outstanding artists in the Cuban art scene of all times.

Over more than four decades his scrutiny to circumstances of time and place has been combined with a imagination and sensitivity without peer, forging a work rich in technical mastery and emotional depth conceptual consistency that overflowed the ideological framework of the "generation of the certain hope" in the 70s,  to engage with the cultural, social and politics of his country from a continually renewed and absolutely personal perspective, where present, remembrance and dreams amalgamate blurring its borders.

His proverbial anti gregariousness and iconoclasm, the controversial approach to his subjects and his idiosyncratic graphic style, full of lyricism, sensuality and sense of humor pivoting between the Cuban vernacular, the avant-garde and classical spirit which weighs rooted painting, drawing and craft making, without ever giving up experimentation, have made him an "outsider" of as many trends there are, but always one of our contemporaries.

Oliva has created a vast private universe with its own bestiary and mythology, a collection of melancholic landscapes and playful ready in villages and circus tents, in gardens, patios and rooms Cuban colonial style in wicker chairs and on the island coast, with spaces full of silent tension where embedded lovers and enigmatic madonnas, thoughtful children and adults playful, bureaucrats, sailors and heroes twilight, are allegories of what for Oliva has meant living, loving, thinking and creating in Cuba.

Latin Art Core invites to a synoptic journey through privileged areas of this vast artistic itinerary, making dialogue between key historic works and just  finished pieces out-of–the-studio, in a display techniques, formats and subjects that provides an informed approach to the work of Pedro Pablo Oliva. " David Horta

Extrana convesacion con un pajaro ciego 2013 oil on canvas  78 x 51 in
Oliva, Extraña conversation con un pajaro diego, 2013, oil on canvas, 78 x 51 in.
Lidia y los grillos 2012 oil on canvas  55 x 32 in
Oliva, Lidia y los grills, 2012, oil on canvas, 55 x 32 in.
Juguetes 2012 oil on board  14 x 12 in
Oliva, Juguetes, 2012, oil on board, 14 x 12 in.

Maxoly/Latin Art Core Core was founded in Miami in 2000 by Máximo Sarracino and Israel Moleiro. The gallery features historic and contemporary works by Cuban and Latin American artists, who range from mid-career artists to major art historical figures like Portocarrero, Lam and Peláez. It exhibits, promotes, sells and offers appraisal services for visual art works from XIX and XX Centuries.

The gallery has a selected inventory of museum quality pieces that are also representatives of the best years of work of the each one of the artists: Cuban Masters as Cundo Bermudez, Carlos Alfonzo, Mariano Rodriguez, Rene Portocarrero, Victor Manuel, Agustin Cárdenas, Amelia Pelaez and Wilfredo Lam., and also Contemporary Cuban artists as Tomas Sanchez, Salvador Corratgé, Servando Cabrera Moreno, Pedro Pablo Oliva, and Antonia Eiriz.

Maxoly/Latin Art Core is a cultural icon interacting with the best of the artistic and cultural tradition in Miami. It is located in the heart of the historical district very well-known as “Little Havana”, also as Calle 8 in Spanish, inserted in the middle of the cultural crossroads that is Miami itself, surrounded by a cinemateque, restaurants, cafeterias, stores, cultural and community centers, and everything else reflecting the wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in Miami.

MAXOLY / Latin Art Core Gallery1600 SW 8th St.Miami, Fl. 33135Little Havana305 631

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