MAXOLY / Latin Art Core

cordially invite you to
the Opening Reception
in presence of the artist of

Salvador Zacarias Corratge
An Antology

on Friday October 26, 7 - 10 pm

1600 SW 8th St.
Miami, Fl 33135
Little Havana

Composicion #2, 1952 -2012, Acrylic on canvas, 52 x 43 in.

Salvador Corratge Ferrera. An Antology

October 26 - November 30

Untitled, 1963 -2012, Acrylic on canvas, 37 x 43 in.


The Antology shows artworks of Corratge (b. La Havana, Cuba 1928) an artist that has worked for more than fifty years in Cuba in the tendency called Geometric Abstraction, he was the founder of the group called Diez Pintores Concretos (Ten Concrete Artists, 1958 - 1961) altogether with Lolo Soldevilla, Sandu Darien, Jose Maria Mijares and Rafael Soriano, among others. The pieces exhibited in this show most of them untitled, are similar or different among themselves, according to their colors, their combinations or some vertex or point of equilibrium that stand out in the composition. The color spots are conceived with edges geometrically precise.

One of the founders of the Concrete Abstract Art in Cuba, motivated by that delirium of perfection which he could only achieved through geometry. His love for Japanese painting and design gave his work a precise touch of lineal purity. With a reduced chromatic spectrum. Corratge organizes forms in space, which as mathematical proportions enable a strict order. Elsa Vega Dopico.

Corratge's painting moves the esthetic pleasure, to the peaceful order of the elements, to the sensual recreation of the glance. His painting is an expression of the reasoning, the synthesis, the intellect and also, by a strange paradox, of poetry. Mario Enrique

Untitled, 2011, Oil on canvas, 35 x 45 in.

Maxoly/Latin Art Core
Maxoly/Latin Art Core Core was founded in Miami in 2000 by Máximo Sarracino and Israel Moleiro. The gallery features historic and contemporary works by Cuban and Latin American artists, who range from mid-career artists to major art historical figures like Portocarrero, Lam and Pelaez. It exhibits, promotes, sells and offers appraisal services for visual art works from XIX and XX Centuries.

The gallery has a selected inventory of museum quality pieces that are also representatives of the best years of work of the each one of the artists: Cuban Masters as Cundo Bermudez, Carlos Alfonzo, Mariano Rodriguez, Rene Portocarrero, Victor Manuel, Agustin Cárdenas, Amelia Pelaez and Wilfredo Lam, and also Contemporary Cuban artists as Tomas Sanchez, Salvador Corratge, Servando Cabrera Moreno, Pedro Pablo Oliva, and Antonia Eiriz.

Maxoly/Latin Art Core is a cultural icon interacting with the best of the artistic and cultural tradition in Miami. It is located in the heart of the historical district very well-known as Little Havana, also as Calle 8 in Spanish, inserted in the middle of the cultural crossroads that is Miami itself, surrounded by a cinemateque, restaurants, cafeterias, stores, cultural and community centers, and everything else reflecting the wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in Miami.

1600 SW 8th St.
Miami, Fl 33135
Little Havana
305 631 0025
Mon - Sat : 11 a.m. - 7 p.m

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