Durban Segnini Gallery
cordially invites you
to the opening reception of

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar

Geometría Propia y Sagrada.

Co-curated by Adriana Herrera and Nicolás Bonilla.

on Thursday, November 30,
7 – 10 pm

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“For me, art is like religion”. This affirmation by Ramírez Villamizar allows us to go in depth into his exhibition Geometría propia y sagrada, a title that paraphrases the artist’s encounter with each millenary stone in Machu Picchu: “(…) an energy that is sacred and all its own”. 

Nicolás Bonilla




(Novembre 30, 2017 - March 30, 2018)

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar drew, painted and sculpted as an architect of the emptiness celebrating the plenitude of forms created with an intense awareness of that whose breath is destined to extinction and perhaps even more beautiful as a result of it. That awareness of the extinction of everything around us which is one of the most powerful lessons of nature, and that relation of oneness with it and the cosmos that spoke of forms in the prehistoric world, communicated to him the experience of the sacred.



Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, White relief Nº 2, 1966, Relief on wood,  4.72 x 4.72 x 1.38 in. / 12 x 12 x 3.5 cm.





Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, Entrada al Dorado, 1961,  pinted wood 32 x 32 in / 81,5 x 81,5 cm 


About the artist.

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar born in Pamplona in 1922, was one of Colombia’s abstract art pioneers. Protagonist of a long and prolific artistic career that began in the 1940s when he entered Universidad Nacional’s School of Fine Arts, master Ramírez Villamizar always remained faithful to geometric abstraction since his first encounter with abstract art in Paris in the 1950s. He won the International Guggenheim prize in 1958 and first prize in sculpture in various versions of the National Salon of Artists. Ramírez Villamizar played a fundamental role in the internationalization of Colombian art. For many years he was a prominent figure in the cultural exchange with the most important artistic centers in the world: Paris and New York embraced his work and allowed him to become part of the international artistic sphere. Through rigor, discipline and hard work he set off on the path to painting, went on to create unmistakable reliefs and arrived at sculpture, always through the route of abstract forms and compositions. In numerous national and international exhibitions, as a guest in various group exhibitions and as the author of major public artworks, both in Colombia and abroad, this artist from northern Santander always expressed a marked interest in pre-Columbian art and in nature’s geometric forms. Ramírez Villamizar founded the Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar Museum of Modern Art in 1990 in Pamplona, the city of his birth, his last major work and a significant contribution to Colombian art. He died in Bogota in August 2004.



Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, 3 Caracoles, 1989


About Durban Segnini Gallery

Cesar Segnini, director, and owner founded Durban Segnini Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970 and in Miami in 1992. The gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture with particular emphasis on artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, abstraction, constructivism, geometric and kinetic art. Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced them.

Since 1992 exhibitions are open to the public all year round in the gallery in Miami, Florida. Worldwide, Durban Segnini Gallery is known for its expertise in such areas as the integration of artworks to architectural spaces as well as for its customized consultant services to private collections.






3072 SW 38th Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33146
305 774 7740
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