Bekindr: The Convergence
of Art and Kindness 

Book Launch Party & Filming


at Gallery 88
‪‪Saturday, Nov 4, 2017,  ‪7 – 11 pm
237 20th Street #C,
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Free and Open to the Public

Art has a powerful impact on society and can be used to enhance empathy and expand our horizons. Borne out of a collaboration of words and images, Eva Ritvo, MD embraced the concept of kindness as a creative endeavor. She authored Bekindr: The Transformative Power of Kindness and is launching The Bekindr World Initiative, a movement to bring more kindness into our lives. 
Ritvo collaborated with 64 contributors worldwide on the Bekindr book. They detailed, in their own voices, random acts of kindness of strangers. Through her years of work, she experienced that a great many of us are desirous of a kinder world. The collaborators, now all Bekindr Ambassador, are spreading the word by integrating the concept of kindness into their daily lives and bringing it to the forefront of their consciousness. Ritvo has named Miami Beach the first Bekindr city in the nation and is collaborating on a Bekindr documentary with Ian Halperin, an award-winning filmmaker.  Filming will take place at Gallery 88 ‪on Nov. 4 tapping Halperin’s extraordinary talent and creative magic. 
The Bekindr Concept is an extension of Dr. Ritvo’s creative work as the co-founder of the Bold Beauty Project. Pairing photographers with women with disabilities, to create installations with images that delve deep into the soul-lifting one’s mind, body and spirit. The highly acclaimed photographer Robert Zuckerman has been an active contributor to both Bekindr and the Bold Beauty Project. 
Ritvo and Artist Anthony Liggins converged the worlds of art and literature to create the iconic book cover. In the words of the artist, “Through a lens of kindness, the sky is not the limit... it is the beginning of a new frontier.”


To purchase the book: click here

Eva Ritvo,MD. Author

About Gallery 88
Anthony Liggins' Gallery 88 pulls together art, design, and lifestyle in a laboratory concept fostering unbridled creative freedom.
A platform for collaboration and experimentation with like-minded mixed media artists, Liggins’ goal is to have a mental and spiritual exchange manifesting inner peace and enlightenment through the creative process.

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