Elizabeth Castillo and Georgina Chumaceiro
Art Nouveau Gallery Directors
cordially invite you
the opening reception of

Visceral Geometry

In the presence of the artists

Catalog Essay by art historian Amalia Caputo

on Thursday November 12, 7 - 10 pm

at Art Nouveau Gallery
348 NW 29th St.
Museo Vault Building
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl. 33127

305 573 4661


Espejorojo, 2015 High density polymer 89 x 89 inches / 226 x 226 cm
Espejorojo, 2015
High density polymer
89 x 89 inches / 226 x 226 cm


November 12, 2015 – January 15, 2016

The Ventoso collective, comprised of Abel, Héctor and Jorge, exhibits in this its second solo show at the gallery, a collection of reliefs and sculptures that synthetize what their work has been during the decade they have collaborated as a team. Abel, an architect, along with Héctor and Jorge, engineers by profession, artists by vocation, think of every piece they work on as a challenge, developing tri dimensional dynamic reliefs that have become, over time, more and more sculptural. Visceral Geometry comprises fifteen unique piece, in which every work deals with pattern manipulations, shapes and materials that explore their interest in optics and geometry, as well as issues of expressive forces, imaginary cities, urbanism and future spaces.

FcS, 2015 High density polymer 63 inches / 160 cm
FcS, 2015
High density polymer
63 inches / 160 cm

The work of Ventoso is rooted in a long tradition of Geometric Abstraction, influenced by the movement that began in the 1940s, a period of economic growth in Latin America, and led by artists such as JoaquínTorres García, Carmelo Arden Quinn and Roth Rothfuss, along with Gyula Kosice, Raúl Lozza and Ennio Iommi, who coined the pivotal ideas and induced the path towards an important tradition in the continent that remains alive today.

Loop, 2015 High density polymer 34 x 34 x 10 inches / 87 x 87 x 27 cm
Loop, 2015
High density polymer
34 x 34 x 10 inches / 87 x 87 x 27 cm

Ventoso’s fundamental strategy is to generate unique works that, departing from canons and repetitive shapes, generate the illusion of movement. Equilibrium, light, dynamism, strength, volume, the experience of color, empty and full, duality, and the encounter between opposites, as well as the dialectics of space and visual experience, are just some of the issues that they deal with to explore the idea of movement. Their impeccable pieces suggest transfigurations of the geometric plane by employing traditional shapes such as triangles, circles and squares, that have been manipulated, enlarged or deformed along the surfaces repeatedly in order to create an atmosphere of movement and distortion. Another element that is relevant in their work is light, as every negative space between shapes and forms contains and reflects, thereby making the use of shadows, a most outstanding collaborator to shapes and color, a fundamental component of their oeuvre.

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