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opening reception with the artist of

m o r p h o s i s
new work by
James Kennedy

on Friday, November 14th, from 6 - 9 pm

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- morph
combining form

  1. indicating shape, form, or structure of a specified kind (dictionary.com)

James Kennedy, Impetus, 2014, Acrylic Polymer on Incised Eucalyptus Masonite Panel, 48 x 36 in.

November 14th - December 26th, 2014

In his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Kennedy presents paintings and sculptures that characterize structural shifts within his work, evolving components evident in his complex Spatial series into abstract and semi-abstract figurative suggestions. The collection has been named a 2014 'Top 100 Fall Show' to see, worldwide, by Modern Painters Magazine.

Fresh from his Golden residency, which allowed Kennedy the opportunity to explore new ideas and materials, he endeavors to leave the formality of frame and place an emphasis on linear tensions and kinetics—the organic relationship between the subject and structure, habitat and inhabitant. Kennedy will also be introducing sculptural works, manipulating masonite into the constructivist forms so iconic to his two-dimensional art.

Miranda McClintic, independent scholar specializing in twentieth and twenty-first century art, writes of Kennedy: "James Kennedy sees himself in the artistic traditions of both alchemist and master craftsman. With no preliminary drawings, he begins by covering masonite with washes of acrylic paint. The backgrounds are customarily a mixture of titanium white, medium gray, titanium buff, and yellow ochre. Next, Kennedy seamlessly applies emulsions, glazing, and scraping to build up individual planes. Varying hues, tints, and values of tertiary colors are subtly modulated by density of pigment, dilution, and overlay to create a tonal structure across the surface. The absence of visible brushstrokes gives each work an ethereal quality."

Kennedy's flawless technique combined with his one-of-a kind imagery serve as a wonderful departure point for this creative evolution of his work; Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to showcase its newest permeations.

James Kennedy, Fiction 3, 2014, acrylic polymer and glazed graphite over gesso on eucalyptus masonite panel, 60 x 60 in.


About James Kennedy

James Kennedy, Irish painter, studied at the Royal Scottish Academy, London School of Contemporary Dance, and Rhodec Academy of Architecture and Design. Upon his arrival in New York in 2003, Kennedy's early abstract landscapes—moody, blended explorations in the horizon line—evolved into more visceral, textural works (Tectonics and Earthscapes), which employed deeper layers of media, mainly oils and encaustic over acrylic.
It was not until 2006 that material from Kennedy’s early drawings and training in dance and architecture began to appear in his trademark simplistic arrangements on masonite panel. The first exhibition of these works was held in 2007; Architectures and Choreographies presented oil paintings that resonated subtly with the British Post-Cubist, Bauhaus, and Constructivist schools.

In 2010, Kennedy moved his studio from the Springs in East Hampton to New York City. Concurrently, his painting language developed a stronger, more individual, instantly recognizable style. He employed acrylics exclusively, and embarked upon deeper exploration of color field, use of incised linear connections between shapes and spatial characters, and the added dynamic of dilution and density.

Despite the hard-edged complexities evident in many of his works, Kennedy’s aim is to resolve these self-generated conundrums and present a balanced, unified surface. His recent work develops an emphasis on carving, glyphs, and greater attention to the painted understructure. Kennedy currently works in his studio in Long Island City, New York.

James Kennedy, Fiction 2, 2014,acrylic polymer and glazed graphite over gesso on eucalyptus masonite panel, 60 x 60 in


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