Ninoska Huerta
Private Art Dealer

by Paul Amundaraín, Milton Becerra, Ramón Chirinos and Israel Guevara.

On view- by appointment only

November 12th- December 15th 2015

Ramon Chirinos, Fragmentos de la Naturaleza, 2015, Acrylic /canvas, 38 x 39 in.
Ramon Chirinos, Fragmentos de la Naturaleza, 2015, Acrylic /canvas, 38 x 39 inches.
Ninoska Huerta is proud to present a selection of recent works by artists Paul Amundaraín, Milton Becerra, Ramon Chirinos and Israel Guevara. 

For this occasion and to coincide with Miami’s art high season, Huerta delicately chose about twenty works by four Venezuelan artists who embrace diverse and interesting trajectories in the field of abstraction through different visual strategies.

The work of Ramon Chirinos (Churuguara, 1950) is mainly about the re-interpretation of the figurative into abstraction, using elements from nature and repetition to compose visually attractive paintings that emphasize the study of shades of gray with added bright color elements.


Milton Becerra, Ishoo-wuittusu Vynilon wood, Nylon fibers red & blue Guiseom quartz, 36"x36"x 4"
Milton Becerra, Ishoo-wuittusu, Vinyl on wood, Nylon fibers red & blue, Guiseom quartz, 36 x 36 x 4 inches.

Milton Becerra (Caracas, 1951) is well known for his studies on light, volumes, lines and the fusion of the Amazonian primitive culture’s inspiration along with geometric abstraction kinetic approximations, using tempered colored cords with stones over color planes and surfaces.

Paul Amundarain. Sueños de Modernidad. 2015, Mixed media, 32,6 x 23,3 in.
Paul Amundarain, Sueños de Modernidad. 2015, Mixed media, 32,6 x 23,3 inches.

Paul Amundaraín (Caracas, 1980), the youngest of the group, is currently working intervened photographs and collages with scattered mirrors, paintings that deal with the notion of modernity in Venezuela.

Israel Guevara, Manhattan, 2009, Mixed Media on canvas, 48 x 6x 1.5 in.
Israel Guevara, Manhattan, 2009, Mixed Media on canvas, 60 x 48 inches.

Israel Guevara (Mariara, 1961) is recognized for his works and studies in geometry and color. His colorful paintings of lines displayed in different overlapping “hard edge” grids and rhythms become a graceful display and a profound study of color and its behavior.

The works on view will provide the spectator with a unique opportunity to become acquainted to the most recent production of these well-recognized Venezuelan contemporary artists.

About Ninoska Huerta 

Connoisseur, collector, advisor, and private art dealer Ninoska Huerta, formerly the director of the Exhibition Hall of Petróleos de Venezuela in Caracas, is specialized in Kinetic, Constructive and Optical Art, acting as a private art dealer, providing also advisory and collections management services.

Ms. Huerta is a leading expert on the work of such kinetic artists as Jesus R. Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez with whom she worked directly in Paris and Caracas since the 90s. Ms. Huerta also focuses upon private sales in the secondary market placing historical works by selected artists.

Ninoska Huerta
Private Art Dealer
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