After successfully completing the Park Ave Project
Georgina Chumaceiro and Elizabeth Castillo
Art Nouveau Gallery’s Directors,
cordially invite you to the opening reception
in the presence of the artist of his solo show


Murals, tapestries, sculptures in wood and steel, and mobiles

Presentation and Book Signing of "The Park Avenue Project" Book

"The Park Ave. Project"
With an essay by art historian, art critic and curator
Robert C. Morgan

Thursday November  29, 7 – 10

Wynwood Arts District
348 NW 29th St.
Museo Vault Building
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4661

Centrifuga Translucida, 2008. 1 of 1. Perforated Steel. Silver.
66 x 64 x 8 cm, 44" X 27" X 3"


November 29, 2012 - January 29, 2013

Experimental Works, Murals, tapestries, sculptures in wood and steel, and mobiles

About Unfathomable

Rafael Barrios (1947 - )

"The meaning of this word in particular produces in me a great sensation of enthusiasm, to continue searching with an unequivocal intention, to stay within the abysm to discover, realize and blindly have the ability to produce unforeseen innumerable goals to promote think the unthinkable". Rafael Barrios

UNFATHOMABLE is the first solo show of Rafael Barrios with Art Nouveau Gallery in Miami while having an almost parallel show in their Maracaibo, Venezuela Galeria Art Nouveau, after their successful project in New York this year. From March to June the artist installed nine monumental sculptures along Park Ave. from 51st St. to 67th St. in front of the Americas Society where Art Nouveau gave an inaugural reception to celebrate with collectors and with the Park Ave. Fund, The Park Ave. Malls and the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation who Chose Barrios work for this project the project. Important collectors of optical art in US, Europe and Latin America, acquired all the monumental pieces.

Curvas Levitantes, 2012, 1 of 3, Handmade lacquered steel, Violet Purple, 112 x 68 x 8 cm, 44" x 27" x 3"

For this solo show, UNFATHOMABLE, Art Nouveau Gallery directors selected a group of experimental objects, murals, tapestries, sculptures in wood and iron and mobiles created by Barrios in his studio in Miami.

“Like other major optical artists who have emerged in South America during the mid to late twentieth century, including Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julio Le Parc, Gego, Jesus Rafael Soto, the sculpture of internationally renowned artist Rafael Barrios resonates in ways that are both illusionist and elusive. While based on Barrios’ irrevocable sense of materiality, his cubic forms ironically reveal a virtual trompe-l’oeil (“trick the eye”) phenomenon. Their optical allure implies either ascension or a hovering in space. Their bright monochrome surfaces seem to push forward and retreat, thereby evoking an equivocal sensation. The forms appear as if they arrived from outer space, and suddenly landed on the planet as signs of extraterrestrial harmony meant to offer Earthlings a sense of well-being. Bravo Barrios!” Robert C. Morgan

Mobile, 2012, Handmade painted steel, Greengold,
107 x 115 cm x variable, 42" x 45" x variable

About Art Nouveau Gallery
Art Nouveau Galeria was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1987 by Elizabeth Hazim de Castillo and in 2010 she opened a space in Wynwood, Miami, known as Art Nouveau Gallery with her daughter in law and partner Georgina Chumaceiro. The gallery features modern and contemporary art focused on the geometric abstraction art, widely explored in Latin America, and ranges from emerging and mid-career artists to major historical art figures such as Cruz-Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto.
Art Nouveau Gallery Miami, apart from a strong secondary market, represents highly credentialed Latin American Geometric Abstraction artists such as Rafael Barrios, Alberto Cavalieri, Hector Ramirez, Carlos Medina, Abel Ventoso and Marcolina Dipierro, among others.



348 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127
t: 305 573 4661
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