Georgina Chumaceiro and Elizabeth Castillo
Art Nouveau Gallery Directors
cordially invite you
the opening reception of

Milton Becerra

Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz

Catalog Essay by Adriana Herrera, PhD
The artist will be present

on Friday December 5, 7 - 10 pm

348 NW 29th St.
Museo Vault Building
Wynwood Arts District

305 573 4661

Hexagono 3D giratorio II- Paris  2013- Acrylic overseas blue, violet and yellow flache, fibers green and yellow nylon, 2 quartz guiseom. 27 x 30 x 08 in.
Hexágono en 3D - azul ultramar I, Paris 2013 Blue and black acrylic on wood fibers, nylon red, white and yellow quartz 17 1/2 inch diameter - Photo Hamilton Becerra-Artfuryphoto©

December 5, 2014 – February 2, 2015

Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz

“Milton Becerra, time traveler and explorer of vast territories, interweaves in his art forms derived from spatial-temporal sources which, being as diverse as they are distant, converge in a same revelation: they reflect the prodigious fabric of the universe. Thus, he bridges the gap between America’s past and the discoveries of quantic physics theories, and the first tools of prehistoric times and his geometric abstract contemporary sculptures.

If for someone like Jesús Soto, abstraction had to be “pure structure”, and seeking that purity, he brought form closer to music, Becerra takes another path: without denying the representation of the world, he seeks to reflect in his work a representational system that recalls the sense of play that animates creation, and the inaudible music contained in the interrelation of all elements.

Milton Becerra is of indigenous descent and he has completed a long journey that culminates in the works that make up the exhibition “Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz”, at Art Nouveau gallery. In these pieces, geometric forms –regular or irregular– function as supports for ludic looms. The tautened color threads create superimposed warps that allow an infinite perceptive variation, depending on the intensity of the light that falls upon them, on the angle that lights them up, as well as on the gaze of the spectator and his/her position in movement. (...)

We are faced with multidimensional geometric works which, installed in a specific place, refer us to the world’s architecture, but also to the inner space. They function as transcendent objects: they connect us with the vision of a unity that is beyond the works themselves and that refer, if you will --to put it in a Platonic way-- to the form of all forms.


Hexágono 3D giratorio II Paris, 2013 Acrylic overseas blue, violet and yellow flache, fibers green and yellow nylon, 2 quartz guiseom. 27 x 30 x 08 in - Photo Hamilton Becerra-Artfuryphoto©.

Each space-time is transformed under the action of what the mythic Wale’kerü taught: to imitate the fabric of the universe using threads of light. Imbued with a powerful playfulness –which invites to engage in a visual play and even incites the sense of touch– from each of his sculptures there finally emerges a mode of contemplation that is very similar to the amazement out of which philosophy is born, and taking advantage of the trace of art histories ranging from Pre-Columbian to Renaissance art and from Geometric Abstraction to color field research, radiate an energy that is as changing as it is ludic. One must view them immersed in the play of lights and movements that surrounds them in order to listen to the inaudible sounds they contain, the celebration of the ceaseless birth of the forms they produce. What they ultimately reveal to us is synthesized in their statement: Form exists because there’s a spirit.” Adriana Herrera, PhD.

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