Marcelle Zanetti and Wirtz Gallery
are pleased to announce

Transitions, a One Woman Exhibition

by well known Miami based painter and teacher Marcelle Zanetti.

December 7 - 31, 2015

The artist will present a free lecture
discussing her paintings on
Wednesday, December 30, 11:00 am

Wirtz Gallery
5750 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143

Alizarin Crimson Heliconia, 60 x 44, oc, 600.00
Marcelle Zanetti, Alizarin Crimson Heliconia, 2015, oil on canvas, 60 x 44 in.

(Dec. 7 - 31, 2015)

This exhibition takes the viewer on a tour from realism to abstraction. Artist Marcelle Zanetti's large-scale, realistically inspired, distillations of tropical landscapes at close range celebrate abstraction; from a distance, their energy changes to the lush energy of tropical flora. Built up pigments create rich, multilayered compositions. This emphasis draws the viewer in to observe how the color, light, movement, and composition all combine. 

The infrastructure of natures beauty has been compromised in our cities, landscapes and rural areas. The quest for technology and sources of revenue have ignored their impact to future generations. Zanetti’s

recent paintings are sympathetic to these global compromises. Through the discovery of this abstract language, a painted dialogue has been created addressing art history, technology, nature, and environmental changes.

2014-05-01 00.16.52-1
Marcelle Zanetti, Abstract Orange Fantasy, High Water II, 2015, oil on canvas, 48 X 36 in.

Starting with plastic bottles in combination with natural and man-made invasive species, her first series created a bridge between realism and abstraction.

Technical gadgets prompted manipulation of images through computer posterization. This coupled with the Orphic Movement of the early 20th century produced Zanetti’s next series.

Collage of paintings from Transitions, One Woman Exhibition by Marcelle Zanetti

A love of minimalism and art history produced paintings evolving rising water. Our Corporate work ethic bore a Moving and Nonstop Series.

Sensitivity to our surroundings has been the catalyst of these organic variations. Zanetti continues this dialogue through her paintings in order to express, as well as stimulate thoughts concerning the necessary balance between consumerism, abuse and reclamation by nature.

 About Marcelle Zanetti

Artist Marcelle Zanetti is represented by some of the finest galleries throughout the country. Her paintings are included in many corporate and private collections. She has also been selected for inclusion in many Museums and curated exhibitions. Please see her web site for further information.

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