Ninoska Huerta Gallery
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Biscayne Art House
on Thursday December 6, 7-11 pm

Marcos Marin. Opt Art
Dario Pérez-Flores. Kinetic Art

Biscayne Art House
1548 Brickell Ave.
Miami, Fl 33129
305 588 1231

Marcos Marin, Marilyn, Acrylics on canvas, 58 x 58 in
December 7, 2012 – January 7, 2013

Optical Kinetic Art

About Marcos Marín

“My paintings do not define a time, but perpetuate a moment of glory that brings about an enchanted perspective”. Marcos Marin

“Marin’s distinctive familiarity with the human perception along with his unrivaled and unparalleled knowledge of optical art generates intense effects and visual shocks in the viewpoint of his artwork.
Unlike Vasarely, Marin goes beyond by drawing lines that complement natural human characteristics and movement. This novel technique breathes life into the human image; shadow effects bring about body and facial profusion, unusual and uneven lines produce hair movement, and color differentiation generates draping effects in clothing. In combination, these effects not only symbolize iconic figures, but they also bring about an emotional presence of the celebrity.” Blaise Parinaud.

Dario Perez-Flores, Prochromatic 1035, Paris 2007 100 x100 cm
About Dario Perez-Flores

“Art should be intellectual vastness and liberty of imagination. Approaching the work of Dario Pérez-Flores we are seduced by this enormous vastness. All his artistic life is dedicated to his inspiring work, the strict compositions, results of a long evolutionary process, pursuing the lively colors in contrast to the most radical ones – black and white.
Undoubtedly his singular work classifies him as one of the masters of the Latin-American movement of constructivist abstraction and kinetic art, originated in Paris. It shows the maturity and strength of his personal artistic discourse, which has never ceased evolving since the late seventies.
The work of Pérez-Flores is initiated by his interest in compositional variations of form and color in space. It testifies his intention to modify space. In his series ´mobile 2004´ cylindrical or polygonal elements are even turning in space, independently and at different speed. His work results in perfect harmony of geometric forms, prochromatical vibration with real or kinetic movement in space. The artist emphasizes that his physical gesture of painting and his relationship with the material -despite well-thought composition- are the basis for the fascination of his artistic production; this is the veritable impact, the intense emotion, the power of seduction of his work that you feel when affected by the luminous vibrations of the works of Pérez-Flores.” 
Patricia Avena Navarro. “Rhythm, color… vibrations divines”.

About Ninoska Huerta Gallery
Ninoska Huerta, promoter and art publisher, has dedicated her life to the study of the history of plastic arts. She has done so through studies and research in the Art School of the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela), in Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston. She has also taken free courses on modern painting at the Louvre Museum, the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber (MACCSI), in Caracas, Venezuela.
Her vocation towards the knowledge of contemporary painting and sculpture took her to study the adjustment of architectonic spaces and for that reason she graduated in Interior Design. As an enthusiast of cultural animation, Ninoska Huerta proposes and makes projects, with remarkable professionalism, like Directing the Exhibition Hall of Petróleos de Venezuela.

At this time, Ninoska Huerta represents famous contemporary artists, among which are: Masters Jesús Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Dario Perez-Flores and Marcos Marin. In addition, she provides her support to a new generation of artists such as: Karim Borjas, Annete Turrillo and Carlos Anzola, who have had a long trajectory of exhibitions and recognitions. Proof of this, is the recent Exhibition (2012) at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University, at the Coral Gables Museum Exhibition (2012)

The present Exhibition shows the newest collection of two famous and recognized Contemporary Artists:
Dario Perez-Flores (Kinetic Artist) and Marcos Marin (Optical Artist).

1548 Brickell Ave.
Miami, Fl 33129
305 588 1231
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