David Valiente’s sculpture
“A Grandmother’s Love”

to be unveiled in Coral Gables.

Thursday, December 17th, at 5:30pm


The unveiling of a new permanent public sculpture at

Riviera Health Resort
6901 Yumuri Street
Coral Gables, FL 33146

 Mother, Grandmother and child
Dr. David S. Valiente's education, a master in Marriage and Family Therapy and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, along with over twenty years of experience seeing clients in private practice has a great influence in his art work. He has intergraded psychology with the themes of his sculptures by capturing human nature with all its vulnerability and virtues.

Daughter's Face

The current sculpture “A Grandmother’s Love”, Dr. Valiente explores the role of the family in passing on the values of love and support. Each generation has its unique contribution to the family unit at each stage of life.

A Grandmother's Love and David

The artist combines coral stone and bronze, contrasting the abstract texture of South Florida’s native oolitic limestone with the smoothness and density of traditional bronze. Many of the coral pieces that are part of the sculpture were quarried on this property when they were excavating the underground parking garage of the present Riviera Health Resort Building.

For more information you can reach Dr David Valiente at:
(305) 613-4467