Karina Peisajovich. The Eyes, Sometimes

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery
cordially invites you to
the opening reception of

Karina Peisajovich. The Eyes, Sometimes

In the presence of the artist

Saturday November 19, 6 – 9 

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery
2630 NW 2nd. Ave.
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl 33127

Ostwal (from the Color Theory Series), 2010, Color pencil on paper, 8.60 x 12.50 in.
Chevreul (from the Color Theory Series), 2010, Color pencil on paper, 10 1/16 x 11 13/16 in.
July 23rd, 2011, C- Print, 7 11/16 x 10 1/16 in. Edition of 3 + 1 AP
November 19, 2011 to January 28, 2012

This exhibit marks a major renovation of the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, including a new project room. Karina Peisajovich The Eyes, Sometimes is her first solo exhibition in the United States, catalogue with text by Gregory Volk.

Her work is simultaneously being shown at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami.

The exhibition features a light installation as well as a series of drawings and photographs. One of the stories that inspired Peisajovich to produce these pieces is the documented dispute between Newton’s and Goethe’s theories. The Romantic poets of the time criticized Newton's decomposition of white light as he destroyed the poetry of the rainbow by reducing it to prismatic colors. The scientific explanation of this phenomenon was a turning point to elucidate the difference between chemical colors (pigments) and physical ones (light).

RGB/CMY (Red, Green and Blue / Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)

A light projection onto a painted wall. The piece projects colors that belong to the additive model of light onto colors painted on the wall, which belong to the subtractive model of pigments.  In a time when the eye is easily coerced by consumer imagery, this piece questions, challenges, and manipulate how and what we perceive.

In her own words: “You never know how real colors look like, because the two models are constantly interfering with each other in everyday life. During the day we see the leaves on the trees green, at night we see them black, but we still think they are green”.


A series of color pencil drawings that reconstruct the history of different color systems developed since the ancient Greeks to the 21st century. Many theories of color have been written with the intention of clarifying how we perceive —from philosophy to poetry, from science to art. These drawings are based on color schemes by authors such as Goethe, Munsell, Ostwald, Runge, Hering, Grosseteste, Mayer, Chevreul, Young, etc.


The title of a series of photographs Peisajovich took when happening upon occasional color spectrums.  She sees these photographs as a biographical document-archive related to her relation with light and color.

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