Rodrigo Echeverri. Astilla en el ojo

Ideobox ArtSpace and
Saludarte Foundation
cordially invites you

Rodrigo Echeverri. Astilla en el ojo

Saturday December 10, 7 - 10 

In its newly renovated space in Wynwood
at 2417 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

Rodrigo Echeverri, Diseccion de un cajon, dye on wood, 180 x 280 cm
Rodrigo Echeverri, Disección de un cajón, acrílico, oil on MDF, 124 x 180 cm      Â
Rodrigo Echeverri, Lluvia, 23 pieces in all, 21.5 x 13.5 in.
November 29, 2011 – February 25, 2012
Rodrigo Echeverri Calero. Astilla en el ojo

Echeverri’s artwork is constructed with various types of mediums from acrylic/oil paints to wood dye on canvas, medium density fiberboard, and wood. With these materials, he creates the illusion of celestial bodies of boxes colliding and floating into larger entities, referring to an idea of chaos linked to moments of crisis and destruction. It is a gesture that paradoxically has been compiled from geometric order. His approach evokes different perspectives of suspended boxes depending on the angle from which they are viewed. His work eliminates the boundary between painting and sculpting as it unilaterally displays two-dimensional and three-dimensional points of view. Echeverri’s interest in texture and form begins with a cube shape that is ordinary, yet he uses colors such as red to create depth and illusion.

About Ideobox Artspace

Opened in 2008 by Founder, Tanya Brillembourg Capriles and Director, Herman Leyba in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, Ideobox Artspace is an experimental space where artists, collectors and art lovers interact to live and consume contemporary art. From its inception the space has held innovative exhibitions and represents a diverse range of artists from Latin America, North America and Europe.
Ideobox is a space where art can be created, appreciated and enjoyed. Its intent is to bring the most cutting edge work to inspire the consciousness of the art community. Guests are welcome to connect, absorb and become a part of the dynamic environment of artists and art.
With two exhibition areas under one roof, the space presents artists in individual and collective exhibitions. In addition, Ideobox contributes to the art community by actively participating in philanthropic endeavors in affiliation with organizations such as, SaludArte Foundation, founded by Tanya Capriles Brillembourg, who also acts as an Honoree Advisor for the art space.

2417 N Miami Ave.
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 9879
Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 – 5; Sat by appt. only

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