Georgina Chumaceiro
and Elizabeth Hazim
Directors of
Art Nouveau Gallery,
cordially invite you
to the Opening Reception of

Sideral Spheres
by Héctor Ramírez

Wynwood Arts District‚
348 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4661

Thrusday September 22, 6 – 9

Esfera de Disco Giratorio Negra
Esfera de Disco Giratorio blanco

…everything comes from a drop of water
Kinetic art in Venezuela leaves more than an imprint on our memories. It remains because it is a way of understanding art as a continuous innovation, since the artist explores the infinite possibilities that can be reached with the most pure and expressive elements: line, form, color, movement, and transformation. That is why the artist, who adopts this course of action, always researches because he finds in the work of art the materialization of an unexpected, changing and surprising event for him and for the spectator.


However, kinetic is not a homogenous movement, either. Each one of its contributors has defined its field of specific interest, with diverse results; In Soto for example, time and immateriality; in Cruz-Diez: the perceptual instability of the spectator through color. Other artists have centered their attention on the transformation of the work through manual manipulation or with the intervention of a motor. And now, one decade away from the twenty-first century, the creative possibilities of kinetic art remain as current as ever. This is palpable in the exhibit we present today: Sideral Spheres by Héctor Ramírez. 


Water in itself has no shape but the drop of water is a way of representing it, of manifesting it’s shape. The drop of water fixates a momentary state of water. But that state lasts an instant, because the water moves, changes and transforms itself. The spheres that Héctor Ramírez suggests us are: changing, vibrant, flexible and proliferating. This is, in our opinion, a distinctive element of his kinetic art, because he creates an image that vibrates to our view due to the reiterated structuring of lines… Susana Benko.

About Art Nouveau Gallery
For over 20 years, Art Nouveau has captured the hearts of collectors who appreciate and enjoy art. Since its creation, this gallery has undertaken de challenge of showcasing the most interesting proposals in the international scene, and has done so with sensitivity and courage. It has become a reference for experts in Latin American art.

It has also been a first home to some new artists whom time has chosen as a way to reward the remarkable vision of this gallery. For many, Art Nouveau represents avant-garde, but it is perhaps the sharp intuition to choose master pieces of contemporary art what best defines the profile of this gallery. They have understood that the eye makes the photography and that history and respect make tradition, but it is the heart that sets the guidelines in this business.


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Miami, FL 33127
t: 305 573 4661

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