Jorge Cavalier, Magia, 2010, oil on linen , 72 x 72 in
The Americas Collection cordially invites you to a lecture by
Colombian artist
on his most recent productionRIVERSThis event will take place at the gallery tomorrow Wednesday,
April 21st. from 7 to 10 pmThe Lecture will start at
8:00 o’clock.
Come join us for a wonderful evening amongst friends.

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214 Andalusia Avenue
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134


The multiple interpretations of our life experience on Earth can simply be referred to the contemplation of rivers; whether you are in the water or along the riverbank, the perception is as the manifestation of life itself. Rivers reflect light; all colors and forms live in their water mirrors. Rivers own sound, from whispers in the fountainhead to thundering waterfalls, from soft music in fast shivering upon shallow riverbeds to silence in the slow flow of deep waters. Rivers vibrate continuously, from the first dewdrop fall to the yielding with the ocean. The river completes a journey incessantly. In this journey, the soft caress of mother Earth to the newborn river happens in a silent powerful way. Everything around the pristine water seems to glow with purity and freshness; innocence is beheld in every drop. As tributaries merge, sounds of all nature sum in vibratory joy to the flow, bringing memories and scents of different lands and forests, speaking of soft lichens and steppe rocks from every other birthplace.

Spores and seeds float in the course as new creatures are to be born elsewhere in time and place, carried easily downstream. Vapor comes up at every moment; the river knows the essence of giving: condensed water in leaves and rocks and air, keeps the run ever flowing, full and strong. The time of magnificent appearances come to show the great whites in waterfalls and rapids, the power of sound vibrating from within, to clean and purify. Peace comes in due time when vibration knows how to flow effortlessly. A new strong will to meet the infinite ocean lies inside the slow flux at the very end; soon the encounter happens in joy again, for the ocean knows of all sorrows and happiness, of darkness and light, divisions and unity, and sees how to ease the whole body of water to welcome it amongst the everlasting quietness where bliss happens. Painting each work in this exhibition has been part of the voyage, finding at each composition a reason to contemplate life from the stream of time. Jorge Cavelier

About The Americas Collection
For nearly two decades, The Americas Collection has promoted an exciting group of Latin American artists. Founded in 1991 by the Ortiz-Guardian family and under the current direction of Velia Larcinese and Silvia Ortiz, The Americas Collection strongly supports the aesthetics and originality of contemporary Latin American art. As one of the most established galleries serving the greater Miami area, The Americas Collection has succeeded not only locally, but also in numerous international arenas.

Since Miami has always been an incredible port for the introduction of Latin American Art in the United States, The Americas Collection not only believes in the promise of its location, but also takes advantage of its place in the international art market.

Changing their dynamic exhibitions once a month, a rotation that begins with a formal social opening, keeps The Americas Collection fresh and ever accessible to local and international visitors. The gallery’s annual exhibition schedule consists of approximately six solo exhibitions combined with some group presentations while participating in several art fairs during the year.

Parallel to the promotion of original artworks, The Americas Collection also offers a significant monthly production of graphic editions. This serigraph program presents the younger collectors with the opportunity to acquire more affordable art pieces which are made by the same artists who are represented by the gallery.


214 Andalusia Avenue
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
Info@americascollection.com \ www.americascollection.com

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