Francois Pierzou, N 13, 2009, Acrílico Tela 56 x 56cm

Georgina Chumaceiro
and Elizabeth Hazim
Directors of
Art Nouveau Gallery,
cordially invite you to the Opening Reception of
the first exhibition in US of the

Arte Geométrico/ Geometric Art

Wynwood Arts District
348 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4661

DECEMBER 11 2010,
7 – 10 PM


Claude Bourguignon, 384 B, 2008, Mixta 60 x 60 cm

The Artists
The artists of the Art Construit International Group are William Barbosa, Ania Bozobohaty, Claude Bourguignon, Omar Carreño, Saverio Cecere, Isabelle de Gouyon, Nicole Guyhart, Angel Hernandez, Octavio Herrera, Dominique Hieaux, Hernan Jara, Renato Milo, Francoise Pierzou, Muneki Suzuki and Wolfang Ulbrich among others.

About A.C.I./Art Construit International
“After the exhibition in Rehau, Germany in May 2006, ACI Group activities have been significant and the number of artists that have become part of the Group have increased, strengthening the image of ACI. We have established a presence in the Academy of Architecture in Paris and the Expansionism exhibitions at Contemporary

After exhibiting at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo at Margarita Island, Venezuela, Spazio Art Gallery and the Castel Nuovo Museum in Naples, ACI has received positive and encouraging comments from art critics, motivating us for out coming exhibitions in Brazil, the US and Venezuela.

The IKKP Kunsthaus Rehau, the House of Contemporary Art of the City of Rehau, in Bavaria, Germany, has invited us for the second time to exhibit in such a prestigious location which further exemplifies the degree of acceptance that our current work has generated.” Hernan Jara. President of A.C.I.

Until January 8, 2011
Abstracción Geométrica
Featuring Carlos Cruz Diez, Héctor Ramírez, Martin Morales, Rafael Barrios, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Rojas, Eduardo Rodríguez Villamizar, Carlos Medina, Octavio Herrera, Inca Zabala, Inés Silva, Saverio Cecere, Rodrigo Rodríguez and Joaquín Latorraca.

For over 20 years, Art Nouveau has captured the hearts of collectors who appreciate and enjoy art. Since its creation, this gallery has undertaken de challenge of showcasing the most interesting proposals in the international scene, and has done so with sensitivity and courage. It has become a reference for experts in Latin American art.

It has also been a first home to some new artists whom time has chosen as a way to reward the remarkable vision of this gallery. For many, Art Nouveau represents avant-garde, but it is perhaps the sharp intuition to choose master pieces of contemporary art what best defines the profile of this gallery. They have understood that the eye makes the photography and that history and respect make tradition, but it is the heart that sets the guidelines in this business.

348 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127
t: 305 573 4661
f: 305 573 4662
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10:30 - 4:30; Sat 11 - 3