37 Merrick Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 720 5172

Gallery Hours:
Tue -Thu 4 - 6
Fri 5 - 9
Sat 12 - 9

Gallery Night Receptions June 4, July 2 &
August 6, 7 - 10

Manuela Valenti, Fixing the Chalk, 2010, Oil on Wood, 18 x 24 in.
RDZ Fine Art invites you to the Grand Opening Celebration of its new gallery in Coral Gables
Friday June 4th, 7 pm
Greg Busch. José Grillo. Stephen Kasun. Steve Kuzma. Yuri Martínez Ramos. Manuela Valenti.
Recent Works.

New paintings by renowned artists Steve Kuzma (Official painter for the Los Angeles Olympics, from New York),Stephen Kasun (Contemporary painter from Savannah, Georgia), Manuela Valenti (Contemporary Representational painter from Michigan), Yuri Martínez Ramos (Modern Figurative painter from San Antonio, Texas), as well as by local Miami Master painters Greg Busch and Jose Grillo.

In July/August, RDZ Fine Art plans solo shows by José Grillo, Manuela Valenti and Stephen Kasun. Please contact the gallery for further information. Updates on any and all future gallery shows are available on the website at Please feel free to sign up for RDZ monthly newsletters via the Contact Us Tab.



2790 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 567 3115 
Tue – Sat 11 – 5:30
Sat by appt.

Gallery Night Receptions June 4, July 2 &
August 6, 7 - 10

image sori
Tomás Sánchez, Dos Aguas, Tempera on Paper, 1988,
16 x 12 in.

Cundo Bermúdez.Tomás Sánchez. Renato Meziat. Jaime Carrasquilla. Fidel Mico. Felox. Iván Loboguerrero.
Summer Group Exhibit: Renowned Latin American Artists

Jorge M. Sori specializes in works of contemporary artists and masters of Latin America and European art, as F. Aizkorbe, F. Benitez, Fernando Botero, Claudio Bravo, Agustin Cardenas, Jaime Carrasquilla, Mario Carreño, Leonora Carrington, Frida Khalo, Wifredo Lam, Ivan Loboguerrero, Roberto Matta, Renato Meziat, Henry Moore, Armando Morales, Fidel Mico, Amelia Pelaez, Picasso, Diego Rivera, Tomás Sanchez, Paul Sierra, Rufino Tamayo, Sonia Torres, Ernest Trova, Jaime Zapata, Francisco Zúñiga.
Jorge M. Sori was established in Coral Gables since 1991.


214 Andalusia Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 446 5578
Mon - Fri 10:30 - 5:30
Sat 12 - 5
Gallery Night Receptions June 4, July 2 &
August 6, 7 - 10

image americas

Jorge Jrisinco, Ejército de Botones, 2010, serigraph 11/99, 36 x 32 in.

Opening Reception Friday June 4, 7 - 10
From June 4 to June 30
The Americas Graphics Newest Serigraph Production: Jorge Jrisinco from Argentina

In addition to its active exhibition schedule, The Americas Collection is also involved in the monthly production of multiple serigraph editions to add to its already rich art selection. This program offers the young collectors the opportunity to acquire a more affordable art piece that can better fit their budget.

Opening Reception Friday July 2nd. 7 - 10
From July 2 to 31
Panama the Beautiful
Guillermo Trujillo, Ignacio Espla, Gabriel Gonzalez, Braulio Matto, Fernando Toledo and Jean Jacques Ribi From traditional Indian molas to modern frescos and the varied architectural styles of the capital’s skyscrapers, Panama is itself a work of art with indigenous and foreign cultures as well as generations past each leaving their distinct mark.

Opening Reception August 6, 7 - 10
From August 3 to 28
Splendid Summer Exhibition
featuring José Perdomo (Dominican Republic), Walterio Iraheta (El Salvador) and Armando Lara (Honduras)


169 Madeira Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 444 4493
Mon – Fri 11 - 6
and by appt.

Gallery Night Receptions June 4, July 2 &
August 6, 7 - 10

Installation and assemblages by Kyle and John Torina painting shown in one view of “Vistas: Landscapes Interpreted”

Wulf Barsch, Arless Day, Josephine Haden, Kyle, Richard Lytle, John Torina ConcernAbout Florida’s Environment Highlighted in ‘Vistas: Landscapes Interpreted’ Show

As developments in the Deepwater Horizon Well catastrophe continue to remind us of the fragility of our environment, an exhibition of landscapes that includes visual references to the ongoing assault on Florida’s scant remaining pristine forests and mangroves seems particularly relevant.

In her review of “Vistas: Landscapes Interpreted” at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, art critic Janet Batet notes that “nowadays this subject matter stands as a metaphor for social and political inquiry, fertile ground for debating our positions on the preservation and future of our planet.”Highlights of the exhibition include large-scale assemblages and an installation by Kyle, fantasy landscapes by Josephine Haden, winner of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 2008-09 Fellowship; “cosmic imagery” of Wulf Barsch, combining Egyptian and Islamic references with geometrical and astrological elements; American Impressionist landscapes by plein air painter John Torina; collages by Arless Day, whose works create a place in time like a movie director building a set; and Richard Lytle, whose paintings were included in the legendary “Sixteen Americans” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.

August - October
Humberto Castro
New Paintings and Installation Project


305 Alcazar Avenue Suite #4
Coral Gables Fl 33134
786 877 1045

Mon-Friday 11:30 to 7
Saturday 1 to 8
Gallery Night Receptions June 4, July 2 &
August 6, 6 - 10


All images are copyright Library of Congress Washington DC
H Benitez Fine Art Gallery Inc. / Humberto Benitez

Special Preview of "Casa Fiesta" a large format mural over 12 feet in high by Artist Humberto Benitez.
This special gallery night will allow you to preview this piece before installation.

Preview the latest original " Un Danzón con mi Hija" . Choose from over 150 limited edition signed by the artist.


image durban

3072 SW 38 Ave
Miami, Fl 33146
305 774 7740
Mon-Friday 10 - 6
Sat 11 - 4


Fanny Sanin, Acrilico No. 4, 2009, 44 x 42 in.

Ramírez Villamizar and Fanny Sanín Discipline in Painting and Sculpture /
La Disciplina en Pintura y EsculturaAbout Concrete Abstract Art

“It is not uninteresting to see how the luxuriant nature of the American continent, its intense baroque style and its magical realism have engendered a movement as rigorous as that of concrete abstract art. The asceticism of this artistic tendency seems to contradict the eloquence characteristic of everything American which manifested itself since the florid times of the chroniclers, passing through modernism until the present day. Nevertheless, that is how it has been. In Uruguay and Argentina, where the “Madí” movement was born; in Venezuela, where cybernetics and optical art came into their own; in Brazil, mother country of concrete poetry; or in Colombia, where the abstraction represented by EduardoRamírez Villamizar and Fanny Sanín, among others, has flourished….” Carlos Luis



imageCharis Kirchheimer, Dirty Laundry. Courtesy of Nomade Gallery
Grove Day Saturday June 5, 7 - 11

Miami’s original art district returns with a special heritage commemoration during its monthly Grove Gallery Walk onGrove Day, Saturday, June 5. Complementing its daytime cultural activities, Grove Day’s artistic evening program includes a special stop on the Grove Gallery Walk at the “Bahamian Artists” exhibition at Windisch-Hunt Fine Arts.

Other special exhibitions featured in the Walk include’s fruit sculptures by Mari Sánchez; the next chapter of Cristina Chacon Studio’s “Iluminata” series; “Dirty Laundry” by critically acclaimed and Miami-based photographer Charis Kirchheimer at the Paris-founded Nomade Gallery and inspiring student exhibitions at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery and Blu Moon Studio.

The Grove Gallery Walk is free and open to the public. Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be made available at participating galleries, while live music can be found at some locations.


Mayfair East Atrium
3390 Mary St. Ste # 128
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
305 447 0401

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11

imageNew Waves Collection

Reopening Reception Saturday June 5, 7 - 9
NEW Wave: Collection Reopens for a second run!

In case you missed the last inspiring opening, this Saturday, June 5, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery will reopen its “New Waves” collection granting more exposure for the talented artists of Miami-Dade’s award-winning arts programs.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival and Historical Association will award $8,000 worth of scholarships to this select group of graduating seniors:Four students from New World School of the Arts and four from the Design and Architecture Senior High schools will each receive scholarships of $500. Eight additional students, each pair from Michael Krop, Coral Reef, Miami Northwestern and Academy of Arts & Minds senior high schools will also each receive scholarships of $500.

Celebrate Miami’s young talent. Come applaud these 18 gifted, young artists and view their work.


3015 Grand Ave., Ste. 237 Coconut Grove, FL 33133
On the second floor of CocoWalk, next to Crazy Pianos

Sunday - Thursday, 11 to 7
Friday & Saturday, 11 to 10

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11

Fruit and Passion

Until June 30
Fruit & Passion: a colorful and tasty palette. George Rodez & Mari Sanchez. Gallery combines the passion and colorful palette of George Rodez’s Caribbean works with the tasty and mouth-watering fruit sculptures of Mari Sánchez.

Fresh fruit has just been delivered for the savoring to Gallery on the second floor of CocoWalk as a juicy addition to George Rodez’s Caribe exhibition thanks to harvester/sculptor Mari Sánchez. We now have a variety of fresh Tropical fruits set in their natural Caribbean habitat to select from. Please make it a point to stop by and enjoy the pickings.

July 3 - 31,
Get Your Head Out of the Clouds.
A solo exhibit featuring George Rodez's expressionistic Elements & Values series.

August 7 - 31,
A group show featuring the very eclectic collections from local and not-so-local artists.

Throughout the summer the gallery will be hosting several non-profit agency events, including the Health Care of South Florida, Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency, and the Women's Club of Coral Gables, to name a few.


3162 Commodore Plaza,
Suite 1F2
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
305 442 2884

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11

Mónica Gonzales Bo, Us & Them, Mixed Media, 51 x 43 in.

Until July 30
Iluminata. Paintings & Sculptures.
Featuring Works by: Master Armando Villegas, Tessarolo, Espitia, Sandra Parra, Monica Gonzalez Bo, Nuñez Simbort, Thomas Lizarraga, Ruth Bloch, Ancizar Marin, Elarf Lopez, Marcial Conza, Cristina Chacon.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 7, 7- 10
From August 7 to September 24
Featuring new works by: Mario Ayerbe, Mena Chacon, Gisela Llorens, Sylvia Evelina, Marta Culver, Chisty Huang. Also: Villegas, Espitia, Tessarolo, Araujo Santoyo & Cristina Chacon



3133 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
336 409 5523

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11

imageCharis Kirchheimer, Dirty Laundry, 2008, Photography

Charis Kirchheimer: Zoophilia, Transience, Dirty Laundry

Photographer Charis Kirchheimer debuts with 3 series of new work as the month's Featured Artist: “Zoophilia”, a daring black and white photographic collaboration with Tamara Skythat captures an ethereal bunny-being sauntering through a ghostly dimension; “Transience”, an engrossing pair of long exposure self-portrait photographs, both of which had their first gallery debut during May’s SIREN exhibit with artistDanny Catania; and the premiere debut of “Dirty Laundry”, documenting a lucid dream adventure in a 24-hour laundromat on a late winter’s night.

Nomade also will host an evening on June 19 for the children of Big Brothers Big Sisters-Miami featuring over 50 photographs taken by the “Littles” themselves displaying their escapades throughout Miami. These photographs will be available for purchase as a direct contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami.


Mayfair Promenade
3390 Mary St. Ste # 162
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
305 569 3097

Tues – Thurs 12 – 6;
Fri & Sat 12 – 9;
Sun 11 – 5

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11

Wendy Wood, Florida Cracker Cowboy on Cracker Horse with Cracker Cow

GroveHouse Artist
Featured Artist for June: Wendy Wood

“What I want from viewers of my paintings is for you to look closely into my art and imagine what is going on within its four corners. Look deep. Ask yourself what is happening? What can you feel from my use of colors, textures, background, sky and earth? Where is the motion taking you?

You will realize that a little bit of me is inside each of my paintings, looking out at you; as you are looking into my world. The wonderful thing is that I am a painter of all my times and therefore I am a goddess creating my own world. To paint on canvas is to create an everlasting wonderful power over a specific world on a canvas.” W.W.

Open Call Exhibitions @ GroveHouse Gallery:
June: Hot Tropics;
July: Sea to Shining Sea;
Sept: Flora & Fauna


3444 Main Highway. Top Floor
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
305 529 5006

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 7,
7 - 11
Getting creative at Blu Moon Studio of Art

Blu Moon Studio's First Ever Student Art Exhibit
Works created by the very talented students of Blu Moon Studio of Art.

June / July
Summer Art Special for 12 – 18 years
Advanced Mixed Media/ Portfolio Prep. for ages 12-18 at a special reduced summer rate ! 10 or 20 class package.Space is limited. Follow this link for complete details;

Sunday, June 27, 10 - 5
Summer Solstice Mandala Drawing Workshop/ Meditation
Experience the inner journey of creating your own Mandala in celebration of the Summer Solstice. Sheri Friedman will provide the guidance and inspiration as you draw a luminous Mandala in this restorative workshop. Vegetarian lunch and your very own mini- mandala kit to take with you .No drawing experience is needed. All materials will be provided.

Saturday, July 3rd, 6 -10.
4th of July Happy
Art Happy Hour and Exhibit There will be a mini- art workshop.

Saturday August 7, 6 -10
Gallery Walk Open Studio Under the Sea
Exhibit with Jewelry Artist Atena Komar and Sea life - fantasy themed paintings by Sheri Friedman

Summer Studio Break
From Sunday, August 1 to Sunday, August 15


2911 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
772 480 3131

Gallery Walk Receptions on June 5, July 3 & August 1, 7 - 11

Your branches speak to me of Loves.