Memo to Miami museums, The Artsht Center, galleries and arts groups: Celebrate our cultural riches and collaborate with each other! Positive energy begets more positive energy! As grim economic news jolts us along a rocky road from bad to worse to bad again, bold artcentric types, including curator Hans Ulrich Obrist of the Serpentine Gallery in London, hold fast to the value of art. This determination leads them to foster collaboration among the visual and performing arts. For this year's Art Basel in Switzerland, Obrist, Philipe Parreno, and others helped create "Il Tempo del Postino" (Postman Time), hailed in the British press as "The world's first visual arts opera." We have all the talent and terrific ideas in Miami to be our own pioneers in this bold new age for collaboration among the visual and performing arts! How about it, Miami? Are you ready for the challenge? Send me your great ideas and I'll post them on this blog! Don't disappoint me. I have been writing about the amazing creative souls in this visual arts community for years, so I know those ideas are out there! It doesn't cost anything to share your ideas with the community! You never know who may read this and want to help make things happen!

7 thoughts on “Collaboration among arts groups: Why not?

  1. milagros says:


  2. Alette Simmons-Jimenez says:

    Joining ArtTable would be a great place to start collaborations. I attended the first Miami meeting as guest speaker and was delighted with the other speakers information – I came away with great ideas – Next meeting is in a month I think – hope more people come, it is a way to begin sharing and developing a think tank.

  3. Kristie Stephenson says:

    In response to combining the visual and performing arts my idea is to construct the garments on the figures in my paintings. The paintings are: "The Girl in the Wooden Dress", "The Elephant Women", The H1B1 Visa/ Indentured Laborer Girl" They represent mortal women whom have gone through an experience and are telling the story thru the emotion in their eyes and with what they are wearing. By including performance artists they can bring the paintings to life by wearing the built/constructed garment and telling the characters story.

    Kristie Stephenson

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sustainable collaborative and collective creativity and productivity is the main social and cultural force for the first half of the 21st Century. Virtual and global collective multidicilinary collaboration has become a new creative reality. This has become a reality as a result of multiple virtual communication and information channels via the internet. Historically the artist is the mirror, the reflection, of his or her times or era so collective and collaborative artistic creativity is the new reality for the arts. Not only the merging of the theatrical, musical and visual arts needs promotion and production but also the architectural, sculptural, decorative, apperal, and other arts as well as the deciplines and tallents of engrineers, technologies, designers, curators, promoters, editors, publishers, writers, reporters, commentators, journalist, educators, and crafters related to the arts need to be included in the collective and cooperative effort in order to create the artist and the arts of the 21st Century in Miami, South Florida, the USA or anywhere in our new contemporary world and new cultural reality. Your invitation is current and the idea contemporary with our times. Congratulations! If Miami is to become an important art, culture and design center in the 21st Century it needs to incorporate the ideas of collective and collaborative art education, creation, production and promotion. Good luck in your effort and I wish you the very best in your efforts. Ernest Hartman. eH

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Elisa,

    I was so happy to read of your interest in collaboration among performing and visual arts.

    I do know that in art (true too in the other disciplines) specialist claims are often privileged. But the facts are that other means — like collaboration and cooperative action – are still standing after a much longer test of time than the one specialization has faced, and that durable tools are handy.

    Thank you,

    Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts

  6. Anonymous says:

    On July 15th, 2008 Hilger Artist Project Award Recipients, the TM Sisters, will begin their 6 week transformation of Locust Projects’ space for a site-specific performance and exhibition debuting on Saturday, August 29th at 8pm. Visitors are welcome to observe their progress over the summer.
    In collaboration with audio composer Otto von Schirach, and costume designer Karelle Levy of Krelwear, the TM Sisters will perform their largest scale production to date in an interactive video experience that combines athletic expertise, color patterns, cultural crossings, and a rock-show ambiance.

  7. Danny Ramirez says:

    Hello My Name Danny Ramirez, I am a senior artist at Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami's Design District-Madonna Building. My current solo show entitled "Mr. Meyers-my sweet Jane". The show is distributed into two parts. One half of the gallery includes large drawings mounted to walls using 2" Clips and hanging frames with sculpture miniatures of Mr. Meyers in his daily routine of life. These frames which hang from the galleries ceilings can also be created in large scale. The scupltures can be incorporated as actual human beings. Currently the drawings are installed as is, they can become large videos as backdrop instead. The frames will be constructed as large floating spaces included are the actors or performing artist within each space. Each floating space will include individualized music or sound specific to that space. Now experience has incorporated a human interaction between the viewer and the person within each floating world. Each world a day in the life of Mr. Meyers or another series of future work……………Art is always evolving……

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