Art Circuits Art Week and Dec 2018

Miami Puts Best Faces Forward During December and Art Week



Another cutting-edge multi-media exhibition comes to the Freedom Tower with the Danish Collective “We Are All in the Same Boat.” Through installation and film, SUPERFLEX addresses concerns very near to home, including financial corruption, migration and most directly, climate change. They stress a “collective responsibility and a need to collaborate so that our ship does not capsize.” Facing up to the ages-old old problem of human versus nature has never been more pressing: through April 21.

Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

The Collection has acquired over the decades an extensive assortment of folk-art from the Ye’Kwana, an indigenous people who live in the Amazonian Orinoco region of South America. For “Convergence/Divergences,” JCMAC has created a “dialogue” between its own contemporary geometric art with the similar patterns found in Ye’Kwana craft; special Art Week Hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Ste 201.

ICA: Judy Chicago

One of the most important artists who forged a path for all women who followed since her start in the 1960s, Chicago gets a huge and well-deserved showing at the museum. “The Reckoning” explores the varied forms and materials – from so-called “female” needlework to “male” auto painting -- that Chicago has used to underscore how women have worked and maneuvered through a male-dominated art world; through April 21.

Mindy Solomon: Ezra Johnson

The focal piece of “Floating on Top” filling the first gallery is a six-minute, hand painted stop-frame animation from the Tampa artist of random objects disgorged by the Hillsborough River. In the second space there are brightly colored still-life objects depicting the same debris; through Jan. 12.

PAMM: “Surrounded Islands”

Maybe nothing changed Miami’s cultural landscape, literally and metaphorically, than when Christo and Jeanne-Claude came to town from 1980-83 and wrapped up islands in Biscayne Bay in surreal-looking pink fabric. This documentary exhibit, with photos, maquettes drawings and more, takes us through the process, production and thinking behind this monumental and ground-breaking project; through Feb. 17.