<h1><em><strong>The Ladies of March</strong></em></h1>

At a time when civil rights are in question, art spaces in Miami support women artists. Longtime activist and photographer Catherine Opie brings 700 Nimes Road to <a href="http://nsuartmuseum.org/">NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale</a>. This is the address of Liz Taylor's former home where Opie spent four months photographing, and during which time Ms. Taylor passed away. The 700 images depict transitory moments between icon and reality, life and death, poetry and fact. From poetry to melody, artist-composer Alba Fernanda Triana created Sounding Score—an interactive virtual book inviting visitors to author their own songs from virtual musical sequences. On view at Art@Work, the art space and offices of collector-orthodontist Arturo Mosquera, Sounding Score is an instrument of possibility. Also intervening in space, Leyla Cárdenas uses <a href="http://dimensionsvariable.net/">Dimensions Variables </a>newly renovated gallery as her point of inspiration for Visa Versa. By exposing undiscovered layers of the building’s architecture and using it’s remnants to build site-specific works, Cárdenas reveals narratives of the space’s history through its rubble. From rebuilding to invention, the phenomenon of “alternative facts” pervades today’s political media, and is no doubt at the core of Kelly Breez’s FAKE NEWS installation at <a href="http://www.locustprojects.org/#1">Locust Projects</a>. Breez mimics printed media in her signature graphic style instead drawing scenarios underscored with irony and satire.