Critic's Choice October 2018

Whetting the Art Appetite: Something for Every Taste This Month

ICA Miami. One more month of hurricane season, one more month to catch “Sondra Perry: Typhoon coming on.” The seductively beautiful videos, in particular, are not really about the force of water, but the power of new technology and how it shapes identity, in Perry’s case that of black American history and digital influences on it; through Nov. 4. Ninoska Huerta Gallery. In a city now so dominated by glass and steel and sterile architecture, it’s a joy to see interpretations of some of the original, colorful buildings that made Miami known as a tropical paradise. “Inspired by Coral Gables” are watercolors and drawings by a number of artists depicting classic structures of The City Beautiful, through October 31. LnS Gallery. Locally based artist Cesar Trasobares has provided artistic food for thought – along with mesmerizing sculptures to the Miami scene for over 40 years. He is back with a grouping of colorful sculptures made out of recycled bookshelves, in “REDACTED,” this time with the art objects far more abstract than seemingly “functional” specimens, through Nov. 3. Dot FiftyOne Gallery. The gallery is presenting the first solo show from the Argentine painter Graciela Hasper, “Proximities.” Her brightly colored abstract, geometric works, in this case, a number of new ones, are somewhat whimsical with their circles and triangles, lightening the rigid grid of the traditional geometric canvas, through Nov. 25. Frost Art Museum-FIU. “Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago” is an exhibit divided in four parts, of 21st-century works from painting and installation to video and performances, underscoring the importance of the Caribbean basin as both an artistic and physical pathway to the varied cultures that surround it north and south; opening Oct. 13.