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Sin! Call to Artists.

Extraordinary Jurors as for GREED: Silvia Karman Cubiñá, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Bass Museum of Art;for LUST: Brian Dursum, Executive Director and Curator, Lowe Art Museum; for ENVY: Jeremy Chestler, Executive Director, Art Center of South Florida; for GLUTTONY: Bonnie Clearwater,Executive Director & Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miam; : for WRATH: Carol Damian, Professor + Director and Chief Curator, Frost Art Museum, among others.

¡SIN! is a national juried exhibition of original work inspired by a traditional concept of human transgressions: Lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, wrath and pride Submissions must be postmarked by October 1st. Call 305 576 2828.

Opening Reception Friday June 11, 7 – 10
The Ceramic League of Miami.
60th Member’s Exhibition

Opening Reception Friday July 9, 7 – 1-
Audrey Love Gallery
An all Bakehouse Artists Show Celebrating the Element of Water

Opening Reception Friday August 13, 7 – 10
Swenson Gallery
A Collection of Art Books, Sketch Books and Sketches
An all Bakehouse Artists Show

36th Street

46 NW 36th St. Miami FL,33127
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& always by appt.

Opening Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

image sori

Angela Lergo, Ahora tenemos lo suficiente, Photograpgh, No. 1, C-Print, 46 x 34 in..
June 12 – August 31
Identity + Resistance: Your Body is a Battlefield
photography and film exhibition

Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U), Alex Nahon (2 Days in Paris), and Somy Ali (American Masala, Muktaran Mai). Films.

Marie Komphavong , Adrian De Brasi, Mariano Costa Peuser, Alex Guofeng Cao and Angela Lergo. Photographs.

Short films will be on view throughout the exhibition.

After a successful 5 years on art market under the name of ArtRouge, The Gallery is proud to announce its new name KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY, starting from May 27, 2010. Director-curator and owner of Kavachnina Contemporary , Gala Kvachnina is a 20 years experienced art dealer with vision and insight into the art market, who strongly believes that a dealer in today’s artworld has a great responsibility to help people learn how to look and feel art, and not be intimidated by new art forms.


51NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 9994
Gallery Hours
Mon-Fri, 12 – 7
On Sat. private viewings available by appt.

Gallery Walk Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

Dot 51
Jose Luis Landet, Sesera, Mixed Media Installation / Dimension Variable.

Until July 11
Jose Luis Landet. Sesera.
Amalia Caputo. Tableaux. ( Photo Gallery Second Floor)

“No interpretation needed here, everything is black and white and moves in line or blots. These ink drawings scavenge the tripes and guts of the formal vs. the philosophical. One can begin to see the connections between the need to decorate the world around and the recreation of a world, the private milieu of the artist. Landet is taking the strides, leaving us wondering whether just a little bit of sameness can produce a whole wave of change in the species.” – José Springer for FlashArt.


17 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 6303
Gallery Hours
by appt.

Meet the Artist
Gallery Night Reception
Sat May 8, 7 – 10

Dot 51
Daniel Bottero, Reaching To Love, mixed media on canvas, 2006, 86 x 82 in.

Daniel Bottero. The Love of the Poet
“Our past, our present and our future all influence my paintings. Each painting I create is an essential part of my inner being. My work speaks many languages, communicates on several levels at the same time. A unique psychological interaction between reality and fantasy, one that transports the observer into a dreamlike encounter with the sublime.” Daniel Bottero

"Bottero is ... a poet painter, that is, a painter who uses the medium to convey the poetry of his emotions ..." Donald Kuspit

Today Bottero works in his studios in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami and in Buenos Aires. Bottero graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires. He earned his Master’s Degree at the Academia Italiana di Belle Arti, Lucca, Italy. From 1986 to 1990 Bottero resided and worked in Paris. Since 1990 he has lived and worked in New York. Bottero’s work has been shown throughout the world. His paintings are featured in the corporate collections of Citibank, Xerox, Avon, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

29th Street The Corridor

82 NE 29th St.
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl 33137
305 441 2005

Gallery Hours
Tue – Fri: 10 - 6

Gallery Night Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

kelleyCarmelo Arden Quin, Lignes noir, Formee galvee, 1952, enamel on wood, 41 x 18 cm
Arden Quin. Bolívar. Bay. Kosice. Llorens. Laañ. Rothfuss. Uricchio.
Eight artists that were part of the Madí group. Madí is a modern art movement known for bright colors and bold geometric forms. In architecture, sculpture and painting, Madí art uses abundant circles, waves, spheres, arches, spirals, and stripes. The word Madí may be originated in letters taken from the name Carmelo Arden Quin, the Uruguayan artist who founded the Madí movement in the 1940’s. Or perhaps the term comes from the English word mad, or from the Spanish description of the movement Movimiento Artístico de Invención.

The focal point of the Madí movement was a break within the figurative tradition. Some of the most original innovations of this movement were the concepts of invention as an aesthetic artistic method and the irregular or trimmed frame. The leimotiv od the Madí was to break the representation line in art in favor of the idea of presenting the work of art as an object itself, showing its own elements without any further reference to reality.


50 NE 29 St. N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 444 0004
Gallery Hours
Tue - Fri 10- 5 and by appointment

Opening Reception and Book Signing Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

kelleyPablo Cano, The Duke and The Duchess(detail). Photographer Jose Rodriguez

June 12- July 31
Poetry on Strings
Pablo Cano - a special rare gallery exhibition of Pablo Cano’s of marionettes.

Cano is internationally recognized for his skill in combining found objects sculpture with performance art.  Each year since 1998 Cano has been commissioned to stage new productions featuring his imaginative marionette found object sculptures at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.  He has also just completed a 30 year retrospective exhibition at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood, entitled Found Object, Found Love. Concurrently Kelley Roy is delighted to announce that Mr. Cano has accepted our commission to create a special portrait marionette of “Lady Gaga.”

Tom Seghi – Still Life

Segui is one of America's most prominent painters specializing in recurring subjective shapes.

August – September
Mike Tesch. Word Art



98 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33127
305 576 8116

Gallery Night Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

Luis PerezJonathan Stein, Everyone wants a piece of Madonna, 2009, hand painted acrylic on archival paper polystyrene, 48 x 36 x 5.5 in.

Until June 29
Sticky & Sweet. Eurydice, Carl Pascuzzi, Diane Arrieta, Jonathan Stein, Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte and Spunk and The Orange Kittens

In a society where sexual liberation often has a tongue-in-cheek political innuendo, Sticky & Sweet examines sexuality as a means for personal identity through both self-expression and social labeling

Opening Reception Saturday July 10, 7 – 10

Until September 1st.
The Passing
Jovan Villalba. Catalina Jaramillo. Richard Herzog.
Sculptures, Installations and Paintings

The Passing as the fleeting of time, of new seasons and new beginnings represents a rebirth. This resurgence is only accomplish with the understanding of life, its meaning and its hardships


80 NE 29th St.
Wynwood Arts District
Miami Fl, 33137
305 447 3888

Tue – Fri: 11 – 5
and by appt.

Opening Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

Luis PerezSchroeder, Steel Redemption

George Schroeder. Steel Redemption

Inspired by the screeching-metal sounds of a salvage yard, San Antonio sculptor George Schroeder transforms the bangs and crashes into rough and tumble sculptures exhibiting in “Steel Redemption”.

Schroeder explains: "Working in the salvage yard is really loud,so you think about the noise,which generates all kinds of random images. My intention for this series was to create abstract forms derived from variety of sound experiences".

In his studio he has restored old metal-working machinery salvaged from various factories. Working with sheared or cut steel beams,Schroeder bends and Shapes them until the metal almost seems like a living thing. Curving in and out or appearing to fly off into space. Heavy marks and crude connections reflect the rough details of hand-forged metal.

July – August
Five Sculptures. John Henry and George Schroeder among them.


LUIS PEREZ GALERÍAat the Awarehouse
550 NW 29th St.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 379 3763
Luis Perez

Gallery Walk reception with the performance of Fangoria and Las Nancys Rubias, and
MR. PAUER a.k.a Toto González

Saturday June 12 / 2010 @ 8pm.
Free Admission.
Suggested donation $10

FANGORIA This musical duo is formed by two iconic figures of Spanish pop culture: Nacho Canut and Alaska. Both part of the iconoclastic cultural phenomenon of La movida madrileña they are now one of the most known disco bands in the Spanish panorama. R. PAUER a.k.a Toto González, is a promoter of the new Latin music and World sounds. A musician, producer and director of

CCEMiami presents at the Awarehouse: Mira que lindas! A visual journey through the design of record covers in Latin America.

This show, created and coordinated by Zona de Obras, the company responsible for many of the album covers by master Andrés Calamaro, as well as a long list of Latin American recording artists, is a tribute to the record itself and to the condition of being listened to, observed and felt. The show proposes a visual journey throughout Latin American graphic design exploring the covers of 519 historic contemporary rock albums. It’s a visual adventure far away from charts and ranks. Music to contemplate, full of colors and suggestive surprises that prove that graphic design is in great health in that region. Visual music composed by many generations of designers, photographers and illustrators that are key players on the “Rock in Spanish” concert. For more information or 305.4489677.

On Saturday June 19, 8

North Miami Avenue

3326 N Miami Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
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Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri 10 - 6
Sat 11 - 4

Opening Reception Saturday June 12, 7 – 10

Lyndale Pettus, light
Manuela Covini . These Things from Behind(White room) Sabrina Montiel-Soto (Main Space)

In the Covini’s words: “In my first embroidered work I produced logos and emblems which look like company logos but show phrases like: “no chance for salary increase”, “I am laid off”, “unemployed” etc.”.

Sabrina Montiel-Soto, Soul Without Face.
Multi media
Lyndale Pettus, Light. Photography

Opening Reception Saturday July 10, 7 - 10

Troy Simmons. Impact  (Main Space)
Manuela Covini  (White room)

Sculptor Troy Simmons’s IMPACT a series based on the harshness of human existence and the beauty taken from nature. A relationship overcomes with strife, yet yielding forgiveness by the balance for coexistence. Coveting space, in a tantalizing expression told through the eyes of a sculptor.

Opening Reception Saturday August 14, 7 - 10
Anne Brunet   (White room)
Troy Simmons (Main Space)


3620 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137
305 588 2912

Hours: Sat. 11 to 6 Weekdays by appt.

Opening Reception in new space.
Saturday June 12, 7 – 10

101Goncalo Ivo, Mar aberto, Oil on Canvas, Paris 2009.
Brazil in Blue

Goncalo Ivo, Alessandro Jordao, Fatima Junqueira, Aldemir Martins, Umberto Nigi, Marco Figueiredo, Lu DePaula, Gabriel Nehemy, Manuel Telo and Dina de Oliveira


1 NE 40 Street, #5
Miami, FL 33137
786 362 5546
Mon. – Sat. 11-6

Art & Design Night Reception June 12, 7 - 10

PressitonImageAlain Godon, Place Orange

Tom Wesselman, Keith Haring and Ken Sharf,
BildoReliefos by Alain Godon.

The acclaimed French artist Alain Godon has a collection of BildoReliefo pieces on exhibit at the godonAmerica gallery. BildoReliefo is an exclusive technique Godon invented that combines the classic form of oil on canvas with 21st Century digital technology. The finished pieces are inspired by his original oil paintings that have been transformed with new colors and deep shadows creating dramatic three-dimensional effects. Cleverly integrated within most of his pieces are humorous caricatures of his wife, his dogs and the artist himself. On exhibit are BildoReliefos from the London, New York and Paris series.


Diaspora Vibe Gallery
3938 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4046


Tues – Fri 11-6,
Sat. By Appt.

Opening Reception Thursday June 10, 7 – 10

Artist talk Saturday June 12, 2 – 4

Artists unable to attend the Artist Talk due to location will Skype or Ustream with the audience - very cool!


Until July 22

Rosamary Berrios-Hernandez. Chantal James. Inés Amado. Fulana. Monique Diaz. Maria Lino. Aurora Molina. Tulu Bayar. Aleli Egües. Maryann De Leo & Christophe Bisson. Jorge Rojas. Cristina Molina. Beatrice Glow. José Balado Diaz –Director of DOCUPERU

Patricia Roldán Curator

Exodus examines video as a canvas for dialogue, its influence of world events and popular culture, and the migration that artists can have on society. Each video is exposed continuously and concurrently on separate monitors and walls, engaging viewers time and space tointeract and absorb, as they experience the dialogue of visual effects and aesthetics. This plataform allows each work to be experienced as its own conversation.


101 NE 40th St.
Miami, FL 33137
305 573 2101
Tue – Sat: 11 – 7

Opening Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

101Isabelle duToit, Six (detail), 2010, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48 in.

Until July 31
Jason Shawn Alexander, David Bowers, Marcus Jansen, Isabelle Du Toit, Claudio Ethos, Larassa Kabel, Ignatius Widiapradja, Aaron M Brown, Gabriel Grün, Michael Costello, John Woodward
Group Show.

101/exhibit is a unique space dedicated to exhibiting exceptional fine and decorative art and design. Located in the heart of Miami's Design District, 101/exhibit provides a dynamic program unrestricted by era, locale, or convention.

In August the gallery will be closed but could be open by appt.