Enticing November

Pérez Art Museum Miami entices with exhibits singing, not merely speaking, to our dazzling, diverse cultural community: 1) "Sun Splashed," major survey of innovative sculpture and installations by Guggenheim fellow Nari Ward, curated by Diana Nawi & 2)"Clay Works and Painted Ceramics" spotlighting Carlos Alfonzo, intricately related to his painting, sculpture, public murals at Santa Clara Metrorail station and FIU campus, curated by César Trasobares. Also enticing, not to be missed: New photographic series "Childhood Memories from the Other Side of the Water," by Eduardo del Valle, who's won many awards for art created with Mirta Gomez; this series gathers del Valle's recollections of his Cuban childhood in photos never previously exhibited, all shot outside Cuba. At Dina Mitrani Gallery look for art by Roberto Huarcaya: large photogram installation depicting Amazon jungle. At Merzbau Gallery, look for rigorous, elegant simplicity of art by Stanislav Kolibal in "The Fundamental Element of Drawing."


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