Generous January

Generous January bestows magnificent art across South Florida. Don't miss "American Scene Photography: Martin Z. Margulies Collection" at NSU Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale: Over 190 photos unfurl transfixing panorama of American history from early 1900s to present, revealing vast changes, from documentary photos to digital fabrications, from Lewis Hine and Dorothea Lange to Gregory Crewdson and Miles Coolidge. Exploring more historical insights is "Boom, Bust, Boom: Downtown Miami Architecture, 1920s-1930s" at Wolfsonian-FIU, recording how the Magic City persistently reinvents itself. At Main Library is must-see show from its permanent collection, curated by Helen Kohen, Barbara Young, Margarita Cano, with art by Ana Mendieta, Gleason Waite Romer, and many more. Presenting abstract art by Meyer Vaisman, KaBe Contemporary brings us new digital transformations of painted canvas.

Mayer Vaiseman2

Mayer Vais3man2

Mayer Vaiseman jackson_glow001 18 Probst,Barbara_NYC 14 Ruscha Ed AS.L221 10 Lange, Dorothea - Wife of Migratory Laborer FSA 1 Abbott,Bernice_Automat,NewYork margul Florida National Bank, Alfred I. DuPont building, Miami, teller cage Miami, Florida, Postcard Miami Theater and Office Building for Paramount Enterprises Inc. [now Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for Performing Arts] North Elevation Lehmann David_Spitzer Photo_Feeding_tame_alligators