Looking Back for Our Future.

Reviving broken objects underpins the Japanese Kintsuji technique adopted by Mexico-born artist Omar Barquet to interweave poetry and Buddhism with his own memories of Caribbean storms. The result is Past Words—an exhibition of lyrical objects patchworked by multiple influences and subjective histories—curated by Janet Batet and on view at Dot Fiftyone. Francis Bacon understood the meaning of history (from the Greek historia) as "the knowledge of objects determined by space and time," that is an accumulation of context and memory. This is the point from which the artists in “The Rest Is History” converse within Dimensions Variable’s much awaited new space at Miami Dade College. Merging history with myth German artist Anselm Kiefer questions the representation and comprehension of World War II, with specific focus on the holocaust. His exhibition Regeneration at the NSU Museum comprises a series of paintings and sculptures from the Hall Collection and Hall Art Foundation. Similarly challenging audience perception, the Op and Kinetic art movements reflect an interest in 20thCentury scientific advancements. Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc is a forerunner of this movement and his first US retrospective at PAMM, Form into Action, is an experiential immersion proving ever relevant today. This December Miami relooks history to help define a way forward in today’s trying times.