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Opening Reception Saturday April 10, 7 - 10

Alejandra von Hartz
Marta Chilindron, Nine Triangles (pink, blue and green), 2010, fluorescent acrylic, measurements vary, 24 x 24 in. when flat
The Constructive Élan.

Selected works by: Fabian Burgos. Marta Chilindrón. Eduardo Costa. Danilo Dueñas. Eugenio Espinoza. Jaime Gili. Silvana Lacarra. Susana Lescano. Arthur Lescher. Adriana Minoliti. Karina Peisajovich. Pablo Siquier. Horacio Zabala.

works on paper by: Ines Bancalari. Ana Tiscornia


2620 NW 2nd. Ave.
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Wynwood Art Walk Reception Saturday April 10, 6 – 10

Mario Algaze, El Beso

Until April 24
Mario Algaze. Recent Dreams
Recent Dreams by Mario Algaze, are black and white panoramic landscapes of Latin America. These photographs, primarily of Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia were taken with a hand-made Linhof camera and are selenium toned silver gelatin prints.

Now, at the height of his career, Algaze's 152-page monograph titled Portfolio will be presented at the opening of this exhibition. After 40 years as a self taught photographer and having been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, Algaze is pleased to be showing these landscapes in Miami where they have never been shown before. Algaze was born in Cuba, but has called Miami home since 1960; his photographs of Latin America are a way for him to reconcile his exile from his native homeland. His images of Spanish speaking places evoke emotion and mystery through his use of light. The streets, bars, café’s and cathedrals are dreamlike and nostalgic, yet documentary in their depiction of daily life.


2450 NW 2nd Ave.
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Wynwood Art Walk Reception Saturday April 10, 6 – 10

Maysey Craddock, The Longing in the Earth, 2008, gouache and silk thread on paper bags; 23.5 x 31 in.

Until April 17
Carolina Sardi & Ted Larsen. Main Gallery
The Merger, Project Room

April – June 3
Don’t Call Me Pretty: Women in Art
Don’t Call Me Pretty: Women in Art also features works by: Belkys Ayon, Tania Bruguera, Ryder Cooley, Nora Correas, Maysey Craddock, Antonia Eiriz, Ana Fabry, Aimee Garcia, Elsa Mora, Sandra Ramos, Graciela Sacco, Carolina Sardi, and Lucia Warck-Meister; women of varying racial, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

Project Room: Gigi Leso
Panel Discussion: Saturday April 24, 2010 6 – 7 pm (immediately followed by opening reception)
Opening Reception: Saturday April 24, 2010 7 – 9 pm

“Neither for music, nor poetry, nor the plastic arts do they possess any real feeling or receptivity…Nor can one expect anything else from women if one considers that the most eminent heads of the entire sex have proved incapable of a truly great, genuine achievement in art.” -
Schopenhauer.“On Women”, 1852

Much has changed, as Pan American Art Projects intends to prove by presenting a selection of works by female artists from the gallery’s collection. The artists featured work in varying media, from painting, photography, and sculpture to mixed media, and video installations. The exhibition showcases the evolution of the female voice in the development of artistic agendas. The emphasis of the exhibit is not on feminism, but rather on the female approach to such themes as representation of the body, maternity, separation, liberation, and the environment.


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Wynwood Art Walk Reception Saturday April 10, 7 – 10

LylieJorge Pineda, Afro Charlie, Installations

Refreshing Recollection
Marcos López, Jorge Pineda, Gerard Ellis, José Bedia, Garcia Cordero, Eleomar Puente, Victor Payares, Raul Recio, Juan Erlich, Segundo Planes, Victor Rodríguez and Luciano Goizueta.

2315 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami , FL 33127
P:305 724 6021 


Open Second Saturdays
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Meet the Artist in his working studio
Saturday March.13., 7 - 9

Dale Nally, Safe Passage # 42, Oil on Canvas, 58 x 104 in.

A. Dale Nally. Ongoing Work
Nally is a nationally recognized artist living and working in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. For the past 10 years he has been developing a unique and definitive way of expressing his art through his creative use of material, a sense of respect for art history, and the many artist that have paved the way before him.

Dale paints quiet, contemplative works which are a result of a deep rooted connection to the earth and the world around him. Each painting is an attempt to discover a sense of quiet, to create the ability to reflect and connect not only to our own world, but the deeper meaning that lies within.


2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 989 3359
Only by appt.

Opening Night Reception in the presence of the artist
Saturday April 10, 7 – 11

HaroldMitch O'Connell!

Until May 1st
Second Coming. Mitch O’Connell Returns to Miami
Mitch can be summed up in 3 words: Hot, Handsome and Hunkalicious!
His stunning illustration work has been featured in magazines from Newsweek to the New York Times, on the covers of million selling CD's and advertising campaigns from McDonalds to Coca-Cola! His fine art masterpieces have been exhibited from New York to Berlin to Tokyo! His tantalizing tattoo designs are a fixture on the walls of tattoo shops around the word! His genius has been collected in three tomes, "Good Taste Gone Bad", "Pwease Wuv Me" and "Mitch O'Connell Tattoos"!

He's treasured for his sense of humor, especially when it comes to pricing his art! Likes include: keeping it real, letting it all hang out, doing his own thing and getting down! Dislikes include: gallery owners and art directors who favor artists whose work is "good"! My God, doesn't "adequately groomed" count for anything anymore in this crazy, topsy-turvy world?!

Now... prepare to enter the wild world of "The World's Grooviest Artist" himself, Mitch O'Connell!


2145 NW 2nd. Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
304 774 7740

Open day & night 24/7

DurbanJesus Soto, Penetrable BBL Blue, 365 x 400 x 1400 cm., 1999, Edition 2/8

Jesus Soto
Penetrable BBL Blue, 1999

Enjoy this spectacular Soto at Durban Segnini new open space in Wynwood. Soto was a Venezuelan artist (1923 – 2005). He was a sculptor and painter and is most famous for his op art and kinetic art works. Soto is particularly well known for his penetrables, interactive sculptures which consist of square arrays of thin, dangling tubes through which observers can walk. It has been said of Soto's art that it is inseparable from the viewer; it can only stand completed in the illusion perceived by the mind as a result of observing the piece.

Durban-Segnini Gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1970 and in Miami, USA in 1992, by its present director and owner Mr. Cesar Segnini.

Durban-Segnini Gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, emphasizing in artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction and kinetic art.Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced those.


Ist Place

Nina Torres
2033 NW 1st Place
Miami, Fl 33127
973 270 7774

Gallery hours:
Mon - Sat 11- 5

Wynwood Art Walk Reception Saturday April 10, 7 – 10


ideoboxPurvis Young Untitled / In a prison scene mixed house painting on plywood 42-1/2" X 29-1/4"
Until April 30
A Tribute to Purvis Young. Main Gallery
Exhibition Curated by Daniela Wicki. Project Room.
Edurne Esponda. Nahila Campos. Felipe Herrera. Installation Room
North Miami Avenue

2417 N. Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 9878

Gallery hours:
Mon – Fri 9 – 5
Sat by appt. only

Opening Reception Saturday April 10, 7 - 10

ideoboxPepe López
Pepe López, Andres Monteagudo and Juan Iribarren
A Collective Sum. A collaborative exhibition of Geometric Perspectives by Three Visionary Artists.

Venezuelan artist, Pepe López creates artwork using disposable objects to represent the significance of sustainability. He uses sensible geometrics to demonstrate the physicality and tangibility of objects. Lopez invites us to view his journey and perspective of globalization by playing with representations of commercial society.

Spanish artist, Andres Monteagudo’s drawings are linear representations of negative and positive space. His work consists of wires on canvas, which seemingly lead to a tension within space and geometric dimensions. Each line seems to escape the horizon defying the limits of the canvas, making them appear three-dimensional and endless.

Juan Iribarren’s vision is to join together the incongruity between atmosphere and geometry in painting. Originally from Venezuela, Iribarren’s work reflects the evolution of contemporary Latin American art. Focusing on diagonals of light and shadows that occur on an empty white wall, which he documents on canvas. By intentionally displaying the paintings diagonally from one another creates a new irregularly shaped format showing the tension of their geometry.


2043 N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 1804
Gallery hours:
Tues– Fri 10- 5
Sat 10 - 3

Opening Reception Saturday April 10, 7 – 10

Diana Lowenstein
Michael Flomen

Until April 6
Michael Flomen. Inside Out
Inside Out marks the first time Michael Flomen creates an environment with his photographic works, which continue to be a dialogue with nature. Since his 2006 exhibition at the gallery, Teeming, Flomen has experimented further into the elemental and phenomenal worlds in nature revealing visions and experiences we seldom see and feel in our increasingly expanding destruction and dominance of the planet. His new Scuptarama, a section of an abandoned building, is a stage to place and provoke the viewer of where we are, who we are, and what we are doing. .
Sterz | Naïve
In my work, lines of action help me generate drawing intuitively as well as through shapes and patterns found in many walks of life and cultures. Whether this process emerges from an obsessive compulsive disorder is a legitimate question. Ultimately, though, my goal is to relax viewers and to provoke in them an almost hypnotic state through the explorations of multiple, interconnected forms.

Kevin Hart | Line of Action
Project Room
In these pieces I am not trying to dazzle with brilliance, baffle anyone with long winded rhetoric, or generate dialogue via shock art. I just want to make work that can be enjoyed with no exclusions.

23rd. Street

171 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

Tue – Fri : 11 - 6
Sat: 12 - 5
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Opening Reception Saturday April 10, 7 – 10

SammerTop: Natasha Duwin, “Bestiole” wire, stitched fibers Bottom: Henning Haupt, “Rapture- Blue in White” oil

Until May 3,
Rapture. Natasha Duwin & Henning Haupt

Artformz presents “RAPTURE”, a celebration of change and possibilities, as expressed by artists Natasha Duwin & Henning Haupt sharing an exciting capacity to express very complex ideas poetically.

Henning Haupt’s color-space paintings were completed, after relocating from Berlin to Fort Lauderdale in 2008. His work is informed by this transition to the subtropical climate combined with the troubling idea of how its wonders might transform under the current influence of ecological disaster. His series of paintings and drawings develop a lyrical theme celebrating the rapture of change.

Natasha Duwin’s work is an elaboration of ideas related to the female condition, using traditionally “feminine” techniques and non-traditional materials, such as metal and organic matter. The richness of the needlework does not call attention to itself, yet it manages to create a new environment, one of truly realized possibilities – rapture indeed!


123 NW . 23 St
Miami, Fl 33127
305 573 8144

Gallery Hours:
Tue. - Fri 11 - 3, by appt.

Wynwood Art Walk Reception Saturday April 10, 7 - 10

KabeStudio ++. 2009. "Senzatitolo 2009". Lead on paper

On view
Luca Pozzi. Francesca Pizzo.
Studio ++ Italian Classic
Through installation, sculpture, drawings and video, this young Italian artists invites viewers to explore different interpretations of the contemporary world, where image, gesture, and memory is suspended in time. It is a collaboration with Galleria 42 Modena, Italy.

The works presented by Studio ++ (Fabio Ciavarella, B.1982; Umberto Daina, B.1979; Vincenzo Fiore, B.1981) concentrate on expression and experimentation, using new technologies to deal with themes pertaining to contemporary man.

Luca Pozzi (B.1983) bases his work on the relationship between the pictorial and physical dimension.

Francesca Pizzo (B.1981) presents a series of work mixing general and specific memory, religion and art. Pizzo shows a series of drawings Girotondobianco (2008), mixing general and specific memory, religion and art. In Erasing Amyloo (2010), Pizzo works on a series of poems written by men for women